Anyone else get rashes like this?

Some time ago, when I first started getting the symptoms of an autoimmune disease (extreme fatigue, joint pain, freezing cold feet, etc), I also noticed this weird patchy redness on my arms. I started really noticing it back during the summer, and to me I could just tell it wasn't a normal sunburn. It comes and goes. And it's been slowly and steadily getting worse. I seem to be very sensitive to light now, and even florescent lighting will cause it, if I stay in a room with florescent lighting long enough. Florescent lights do emit some ultraviolet light, so I seem to have an oversensitivity to UV now.

About 4 or 5 days ago, I was out running some errands. And the red patches on my arm got very noticeable, and of course it was on my left arm which is exposed to more sunlight while I'm driving. It was an unusually sunny and warm day. My arm also started to itch a little. Do you guys get any rashes like this?

I've been wondering for a while now if I might have Lupus. When I look in the mirror, especially the rear view mirror in my car, I always notice what looks like a very faint redness on my face. It's faint and I haven't been able to get it to really show up in a picture, but it's there. I never saw it before all these problems started.

Do you guys have light sensitivity like this with Sjogren's, or do you think I might have something else going on?

I don’t know about light sensitivity so much, but in the summer I can cake on sunscreen and still get burned when my family hasn’t even gotten a tan. I don’t even try to take my kids to the beach anymore. However this may not be helpful since my doctor said he’s “not convinced” that I don’t have Lupus too.

I'm getting red blotches, mainly on my arms, which are a bit itchy too- only a couple at a time. I thought it was the sun, but now they come up even from the heat of a bath - and it is definitely not sunny in the UK at the moment. Some have turned light brown a bit like age spots too- weird! I get prickly heat rash very badly in the summer too, and it gets worse every year.

Some meds can cause sun sensitivity. I know that plaquenil is one of them. The face, it’s also possible that it’s sun sensitive, or it could even be mild rosacea. You may want to start with the rheumy and then move on to the dermatologist.

Hi Gateway…. always check in with your doc as SS is so weird you never know but… I get the exact same thing you're talking about. The rashy bit is worse during the summer and I do get touches of photosensitivity. And yes, I've read that Plaquenil can also contribute to it so you may want to take a look at your meds.

However I get odd rashes or red spots on and off during the rest of the year too, that i've been told is directly related to SS. I have been tested twice and do not have Lupus at this point, if that helps. I get very flushed looking at times also. Who knows. Its annoying mostly.

I get rashes several times a year. I have lupus. The doctor will give me cream to put on when they are bad. I also get the red rashes when out in the sun or underlights. She said it is part of the auto immune process. I would speak with my doctor again and try and get a pic.

I too get this strange rashes and in strange places. After they got so severe that they were causing scarring I found help with prescription strength hydrocortisone cream. I sometimes also have the "butterfly" rash on my face. It comes and goes but my tests for lupus are negative. I feel that I move up and down on the symptoms scale and that most of us do also. Sometimes my symptoms are worse, sometimes improved.

Hi there. I also get these rashes on my arms. Also after short periods in the sun. It starts out red and flat and after scratching it looks like small dry ringworms. My rheumy appointment is only in June. Not sure how this will look by then. Any advice? Right now I am using an Allergex ointment that dries it but its still there. Not so blistering or red, but just dry.

OMG…yes…dry flakey ringworm lesions everywhere!.What has been happening to my skin lately is any bump, scratch to my arms and my skin turns into bleeding, lg bruises.My arms look like raw hamburger meat.

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I hate the rashes involved with this.
Before we knew what this was, it took 5 misdiagnosis’ until some Dr finally decided to biopsy it and it was eczema!!! Only needed MORE LOTION!!! I should buy some stock in bath and body works! Ha! So, ridiculous, right?