Sjogren's Rash?

Is there a "typical" Sjogren's rash?

I was diagnosed this past May and have been dealing with itchy, scaly patches as well as hive-like bumps which I suspect may be from sun exposure. Within the past week, however, I've started to develop what I can only describe as red/purplish "freckles" on my torso which are popping up quickly and definitely don't look like the kind of things which will go away with any topical treatment.

Anyone have a guess as to what these might be?

Would love an answer to this too. Right now I have a bunch of those “freckles” on my arms and legs. I previously pointed them out to the derm and she just shrugged. Last month I also had a really big rash on my left lower leg and my rheum thought it was autoimmune related but labs came back negative. It went away after a burst of prednisone so who knows.

Would love to hear what others say since I have heard that rashes are not uncommon.

Yes before I was diagnosed with sjogrens this past May I had some kind of redish-purple rash on my hands I had that rash for more than 3 months. My rheumy prescribed an over the counter lotion that has been helping a lot. The name of the lotion its: Curel ultra healing. 3 times a day. Hope it helps.

Huh…. I get little pop up rashes too. More often then not a touch of liquid benadryl eases the feeling. I asked my allergy/asthma doc and he said that reactions for no apparent reason are common with AI. I hate it but try to take it in stride. Feeling itchy is sooo annoying. I occasionally do get little red, perfectly round spots that look like they've moved in, but thankfully nothing much else happens with them. We have such weird systems now…LOL

Thanks all. . .

So I'm suspecting that there is no such thing as a "typical" rash, and we all react differently to this disease. Will definitely try to track down the right dermatologist who deals with inflammatory issues.

Best way to go. And you're right. There isn't anything typical about this. LOL

The reddish/purple freckles sound like the petechial vasculits rash I have had......from sure to see your rheumatologist.

Urticaria is a common occurence in SS it is caused by monocytes (white blood cells) invading the skin and mistakenly attacking it.
Please read the dr Fox guide in the research thread or th Dutch book posted by Kaz both cover it.

The appearance and itching varies.

No cure - prednisolone short term may reduce severe attacks but cannot be continued.
Sorry for short reply but I am in a very dark place at present.
Hope this helps.

I looked these up and they look exactly like those petechia marks. I am expecting a call from my hemotologist regarding my clotting bloodwork and will mention them to him as well.

Thank you.

nofrumping said:

The reddish/purple freckles sound like the petechial vasculits rash I have had......from sure to see your rheumatologist.

Yes. I get something very much like this. And for me they are from lowered platelets

My 20's began with periodontial disease, TMJ and migrane headaches, GERD, allergies, asthma, sinuses and irritable bowel. In my late 40's, I believe SSJ and lupus attacked me full force. I saw doctors continually but no one connected the dots. I experienced esophagitis, eye infections, systemic infections, muscle spasms, bronchitis, severe muscle joint pain everywhere, optical migranes, dizziness, raynauds symdrome, tingling/numbness in fingers/feet, severe fatigue, dry mouth/nose/eyes, low WBC, widespread inflammation, etc. Got a 2nd opinion from CL Clinic and was diagnosed with SSJ, Lupus, Kidney Disease, Sclerderma, Raynauds, and about 4 other autoimmune diseases. It was so overwhelming and was so anxious and depressed.

I began getting rashes about 10 years which has scarred 90% of my body. Recently I began getting the purple-reddish rashes you speak about on my upper/inner thighs. They come and go (flares) and I'm also getting red circle like blotches that eventually fade brown, scars and thickens the skin. I believe both types of rashes are from both the Lupus and SSJ. Sometime it's a NEVER-ENDING BATTLE just trying to stay afloat. I wouldn't wish these diseases on my worst enemy. so far I haven't found anything that has worked for any of the rashes I get.

You know, there seems to be photos of rashes for everything else on the net, but not for Sjogrens!

Outside of photosensitivity rashes, I think you are right…no pictures of SS

Just wanted to let you all know that I visited the dermatologist who diagnosed my newly-developed red/purple freckles as cherry angiomas - benign and of no importance in the big picture. Just a cosmetic nuisance.

As to why at least 40 of them appeared within a few days, she had no explanation. I was worried because I had been seeing a hematologist for my anti-phospholipid antibodies which often cause blood to clot but can sometimes cause bleeding issues instead and I knew that - with my last set of blood tests - my clotting time was extended. Spoke with the hematologist on the phone as well. My clotting time is back in the normal range and he, too, thought that these newly-formed spots did not mean anything significant.

Thanks for all the responses. Fingers crossed that it continues to be a nuisance, nothing more. . .

Good to hear A Mom. Did they say what causes cherry angiomas? Just curious because I get them too. They just appear and I can’t figure out if it’s something I did to trigger them. Calling them a cosmetic nuisance is a good description.

No explanation. I don't want to repeat it, but I think she used the word "age" in reference to them!

OUCH!!! LOL. She had to use That word?!