Sjorgrens rash?

I am breaking out and Im not sure if this is due to Sjorgrens or what it is? It is itchy almost hive like. I am trying to look up what the Sjorgrens rash looks like. Hoping it goes away soon.

Interesting. It’s not uncommon for allergies to be an issue for people with autoimmune disease. That said, I would probably start off by using something moisturizing, maybe an anti-itch lotion, then go from there. Dry skin is definitely a part of Sjögren’s. If you feel like it’s more, a doctor visit may be useful.

Thank you- I sent my dr an email Friday afternoon. I’m thinking it might be a testimony to the plaquenil. I’m only 4 weeks on it. And I noticed today my skin is sensitive to the sun - face got a little red today.

I have a rash on my face like a butterfly, the dr advise to use hydrocortisone lotion.

A butterfly rash can have a lot of causes but because your already have an autoimmune condition that other conditions such as lupus should be ruled out.

That’s what my Dr said. thanks have a great day

Hi…wanted to check in and see how things were going? Was the doc able to resolve the rash for you?