Approval for Responding?

I just attempted to respond to someone's posting. Normally when this happens it gives the option to 'edit' your response- I didn't get this option. I hit the post button and the regular blank comment box appeared, but my post didn't. Then I noticed above the box a message stating that my comment first had to be approved. Does anyone know if this is a personal setting/ a new site format/ something weird that just happened to me?

I just responded to postings last night, and in the distant past, and I've never seen this happen before.

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated and from now on I'll copy/paste to Word before I hit the reply/post button. Thanks everyone.

Rae, when you respond to a discussion or start a discussion, you get the option to edit etc., as you described. What I think you were responding to was a comment/ blog on some-one's own page, rather than on the open forum, and then it can be different, depending on what their privacy settings are. Sometimes people like to look at and approve personal comments before they are seen by others. (If you want to do that yourself, you go onto your own page, click on settings, and it gives you privacy options).

Hope this helps- for those of us not so used to social media it can take quite a while to work things out (I know myself...!)

Thanks Jules I hadn't really considered that. I personally would prefer people to simply respond and to keep information flowing instead of the wait for approval, it's nice that it is an option though.