Autologous eye drops

Hi everyone,
I saw my ophthalmologist a few weeks ago. In spite of using Restasis 4x’s/day and artificial tears, she said my eyes are still much to dry. Have been on Restasis about 4 years and have tried the punctual plugs without much success. She is now recommending autologous eye drops. They are made from the serum of your own blood, they take about 100-150cc’s of your own blood and spin it down to separate the blood from the serum. But prior to that the blood is tested for hepatitis,AIDS among others. The serum is then made into eye drops, it’s replenishing your eyes with a product already in your body, so no chance of any allergic responses. I trust my ophthalmologist 100% and am waiting to receive the script for the blood draw and RX order.She is at Hopkins and the compounding pharmacy is in Maryland also So I was wondering if
anyone else as tried this, how it went and any pros or cons you may be aware of. I know it’s not covered by most
insurances. The cost I was given is $245.00 for the blood draw and “Novo Tears” prep. Then it’s another $195.00 for the 3 month supply of drops. I’ve tried just about everything else, so I think I’ll give it a try. It will be worth the cost if it helps, if not I won’t be a happy camper! Any input appreciated. thanks everyone and Think Spring!