Dry eyes

Has anyone heard of an eye treatment where the draw your own blood and the get the serum out of the blood,I can’t recall the name of that now.

Autologous eye drops. That's my next step. This was discussed just recently, if you search for it in the discussions.

Hi PurpleLady,

Here is some more info from Tog on these drops.


My immunologist wanted me to go on this but it was so expensive. My Rheumy didn't think it was worth it so I have the plugs done now.

Hi Purplelady,

I see you are also an American, I'm not sure IF our insurances would cover this, but it may be worth a try. Tog is in Australia, and under the government health system, so I assume it is covered for her. She has been an ICU nurse for decades, so you may want to send her a note to hear more about these drops and how they are working for her.


If you feel this is something you would like to try, talk to your Rheumatologist, your pharmacist, and call your insurance company to see what the cost would be.

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