Serum drops

Has anyone tried using serum drops?

I looked into them a while back. I wound up not going that route at the time because I was able to start to get things under better control. I am on meds for my psoriatic arthritis, as well as using restasis eye drops, tear duct plugs, evoxac and hygiene along with warm compresses.

My eye doctor has offered up serum drops of I start to lose management of my dry eyes.

There have been a few discussions about this before; it's been mentioned but I think because of the cost not that many members have tried it. Here's a link to one discussion, which has several links to more info if you need any:

If you look in All Discussions, and put serum drops into the search box it will come up with some of the other discussions for you too, and hopefully by raising this discussion again, you might get some more up to date info from members who've tried it!