Bad Day

I'm having a really bad day............just have to vent with those I know understand. So tired today, had dentist appointment this morning, and it went very bad. Very busy in work today, and I know my husband is tired of hearing me continually say "I'm so tired".

Sorry all. I know so many of you suffer much more than my little issues. I don't need a response. Just nice to know you all understand.




Gosh I feel so bad for you, and I'm sending a cyber hug :) Please don't think for a minute that your little issues are any less important than big ones. Issues are issues and it's good you reached out and I think we all wish we could do more. Just know that even though we don't know anyone else here, I think we all share a love for each other simply because we "get it". So hugs to you and I hope your spirits are lifted!

Dear Connie,

You know with being ill and pushing through so much to hold down a job, it is kind of an accumulated stress, and when that builds up, the least little 'squeak' can set off an avalanche of emotions!

Please don't ever think anything is too small to upset you or too trivial to bring here, we understand how all of this goes. We really know how tired you are and how you hurt! Then you add the dentist and it's totally understandable, under the best conditions! Going to the dentist has NEVER been good for me from young age, but gotta do it!

I hope there's a good solution to the dental thing, my heart goes out to you, girlfriend! I'm never far away if you need a shoulder!

Wishing you well,


Thank you all so much. I actually feel the hugs! SK, you are right. Sometimes it just takes one little thing to throw you completely off kilter. Don't know if others feel this way, but I seem to have so little patience any more.

Thanks again all really mean something to me. Glad I became a part of this group.

P.S............SK, I like the longer hair.

Pain and lack of sleep do that to us, among 100 other things, of course! ha! I was just talking to dancermom about that, that sick people have no patience for things that don't work right, about glitches we encounter on the sites!

Thank you, the longer hair is actually easier, and I can always wear it up! It is naturally black, and I didn't color it until it was pretty heavy with gray, first time I chose black and looked like the wicked witch, so I tried brown, and it turned it red, so natural blond is the ticket at present! ha! Oh what we go through to look good, even once in a while!

Hang in there girlfriend! time to talk to your Doc about the fatigue, get this documented!

Connie...Mondays are bad enough, but to feel tired AND have a dentist appointment at the same time is just torture! Hopefully tomorrow you will have a better day. And no one here gets tired of the " I'm so tired!" statement. We just nod our heads in agreement :0)

Sending hugs… I can sure relate. Vent away…

Connie their is no such things as a little issue I stumped my toe once and went on a 2 page rant.

I think venting is very good for us and i encorage people to do it.

Did you have a sleep study?

Hi Connie,

We all know pain days, and a lot or a little, matters not anymore, when it is due to an illness that isn't going to go away. While on the subject of pain, was sitting at computer last Friday, getting ready to catch up on all the latest here, when my upper thigh started hurting. Told myself uh-oh, doesn't feel good. So got up, and bam, just that fast, excruciating pain that started at my thigh, and radiated down to my knee. I could not walk , had to drag my leg till I got to sofa. Has it ever hit any of you that hard, that fast, where you were totally immobile? If you moved, you just knew you would scream? Which I did, scared my dogs so bad I had them both on my lap as tears poured down my face. I started a new medication on Wednesday, MYCOPHENOLATE, generic for CELLCEPT. Could it have been a side effect? Hard to tell anymore, since pain is a way of life these days. Bless you all, for you all know too well how it is.

I would rather have a PAP exam than go to the dentist. You have all of my empathy!! Hugs to you.

we do understand - one of the terrible things about SS is the isolating effect it has in sufferers as so many "normal" things are no longer possible and friends empathise but don't/can't understand and sufferers feel guilty about the burden we place on our parteners.

Truly lonely and isolating - my thoughts are with you - hope something nice happens soon to balance the day.