Something great

Something great happened today and I couldn't wait to share it with everyone. Have been feeling a little down in the dumps lately because I have just been hurting so much. I decided to go buy myself a new outfit even though I'm still in a lot of pain. Well, I bought myself two and felt a little bit better. I was on my way home and remembered I needed something from the drug store. I stopped at the closest one tho I rarely go there. And oh happy day!!!!!!! I found not one but TWO tubes of the old Biotene toothpaste!!!!! I literally jumped up and down. It was ridiculously expensive but I had to get them both. I brushed this morning with new, cringing and stomping my feet with burn. Soon as I got home I brushed again just to be sure and hallelujah it was the old. That lifted my spirits more than new clothes! I did wonder if they re-introduced it due to the many complaints and I was the only one that didn't know! It's such a little great thing, but sometimes those are the best.

I would love to hear other things that have lifted spirits and in turn, they may lift someone else's.

I am so happy for you. Its often the unexpected things that make us so happy.

I am clapping my hands for you! Kind of like finding the crackerjack prize. I never had any reaction to the Biotene so I don’t know what the difference would be. I’m so glad you found something that works for you.

Crackerjack prize! You nailed it! :)

I realize, as someone more recently diagnosed, that the most simple things will make our day...or even our week! Things that "normal" people take for granted, we are singing "Amen!" And even though it is oh-so-hard and trying, I am glad to appreciate the simple things more and not take so much for granted. Happy to hear of your blessing. :)

There you go, girlfriend, shopping therapy! There's just nothing like it!

I'm glad you found your old Biotene, and 2 new outfits will surely pick you up! My mom and I just went on 2 excursions, and though it was rough on my back, it was good for my soul, we got new clothes too and hit some great sales! :)


I'm really glad you have found what you need! Some times the little things in life make the biggest difference.

In the interest of sharing the good things I have two fairly recent pick me ups.

There for a while I was having a terrible time with thrush. As if my dry mouth was not enough for thrush, I also have to take Advar twice a day. Which is known for causing thrush if you don't rinse your mouth out well enough after each dose. I was screwed and 3 of my drs were all at the point of telling me I would just have to live with it forever. Which I just could not accept. Then one day I at the Dentist office I gave him my standard medical update. He gave me a mouthwash that I use everyday without fail.

It stopped the thrush inside my mouth! I was so happy about that I was learning to deal with the thrush left on my lips. But the Dentist saved me again with a cream for them. Now I can keep it all in check!! I really like my dentist. Which is big, b/c I don't think I have EVER liked a dentist before in my life.

My second big thing is work related. I've had to deal with my current supervisor for 2 years. I can't ever let my guard down even when she seems really happy. B/c she turns on a dime and will lie and stab people in the back. A really strange thing about it is she thinks we're really good friends. I can't politely tell her any different, or she would make my life truly miserable. She's vindictive and doesn't really forgive.

But she's just recently gotten a promotion and it looks like they're moving her to a different group. We'll still work together quite a bit. But I'm soooo exhausted from dealing with her that I will take what I can get! Sometimes SS is enough without adding unnecessary drama.

Here's to a break from the insanity!!

I am happy for you, PB! It is the small things that make up life. My happy is a break from College classes and a whole Inspector Lewis marathon. I so rarely get to watch television, and I love BBC detective shows. I watched the 8 episodes on Netflix, ate junk food (anther thing I rarely allow myself) and stayed up until 2 AM (which I rather regret, but it was FUN to be a bum for a day!)