What's the best thing you've done for yourself lately?

Is there something special you did to treat yourself or make yourself feel better? We'd love to hear about it.

The best thing I did for myself today was sleep most of the day, resting up to get my great grandson for the night. The grandkid are always something good for me.

Me too Terri, though we are currently waiting for the contractors to go to previously scheduled jobs as we were not planning on having to do the other bedroom and large closet. The house is a wreck, which is hard on my nerves, just keep concentrating on the finished product, of which I am looking forward to!

I'm trying to look for the end result, I have to or I'll have all over the body hives, which would probably be the best of it! ha!

I mentioned to my granddaughters that I had an appointment to get my hair cut, it's down over my shoulders and they all screamed no, even my daughter-in-law thought it looked so good like this, good thing is I can wear it in a pony tail when it's in my way. It helps keep me warm too, so I just had about a half inch taken off. We'll see!

Worst thing right at the moment is we kept getting postcards from the Purple Heart Club that they would come to the house and pick up donations, so we cleaned out the huge closet upstairs, got rid of the rugs upstairs since they are all being refinished, piled the stuff on the front porch and guess what NO ONE comes HERE for pick-ups so I need to get out the whip and get hubs to get it out of here, looks like the grand finale of the show 'hoarders' and that gives me the fits to watch. Watching a slasher movie will not upset me as bad as the hoarders! ha!

The best that I've done for myself is to be persistent with my HMO to get me into a pain management program. And it looks very promising. Had my screening interview today.