Today is bad

Not pain wise, but I am so tired. I've taken 2 naps and am about to go down for my third and it's only 3pm. Can't do my studies. Can't watch TV and just want some energy. Because of the upcoming surgery, no vitamins. I think they make a huge difference with me.

Hi Roulette,

Sorry the fatigue is getting you. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and go with what it says. There are days, I am just 'down'. I hope that you can soon get to a better place.

Sending my best your way,


I feel for you a lot. I am also feeling very tired lately. I love my job but sometimes I feel like I should give it up because it takes all of my energy and when I come home at night I can’t handle anything. The thought of having to make a decision about dinner has literally put me in tears.

Angie, I just cried that day. I was just so tired of being tired. I was brought to tears. I think I needed it, because I just push on, despite what my body says sometimes. Because it NEEDS to be done. So afterwards, I just collapse. SK is right I need to listen to my body and just accept some things.