Badly broken tooth/HELP!

I was just eating a salad and out of no where realized a molar on my left side is badly broken...entire backside is missing, and it is broken all the way to the gum line.

Yesterday and this morning both, I ate things that were hard...maybe I cracked it and then suddenly it broke ?????

I recall someone else mentioning sudden cracked teeth.

I have an appt. tomorrow with a new dentist. I called and the receptionist said to come in at 8:30 am to get my teeth cleaned ???? This is someone I have been thinking of switching too.

But, I'm in a panic 'cause I'm wondering what a tooth this badly cracked means? At least 1/3 of the tooth is gone...close to one half is missing.

Anyone have experience with this? Please give me insight!!! On the other side...lower right is where I had bad dentistry that led to nerve damage.

I'm trying not to get hysterical.

Hi Nomad

Calm down I have had this happen while eating an apple. We had well water when I was a child and the dentist told me the combination of the auto amminue and the water have caused all my tooth problems. I have lost all my top teeth and 4 on the bottom. Most dentist will clean your teeth before they do any thing else to check for other damage. I hope it does not cause you to much pain till you can be seen.

Thank you.

I'm doing a little better now, but that is partially do to the pain pill I took.

I had some horrible dental work two years ago that led to damage of my trigeminal nerve on the other side. Unless you know someone who has had this, it is very difficult, if not impossible to describe. It is dubbed the suicide disease. I did think of killing myself when it first started. I joined a facebook page and the next day, someone with it actually did kill themselves. Well, to my shock, I found out that a decent percentage (hard to say exactly) but a fair amount of people get this horribly painful ailment after bad dental work.

To make matters worse, I doubt I can get an implant. I had started to get one once before and after the graph, I got a fever that would NOT abate. When the graph was removed, the fever went away. I have lupus and SS and apparently my body thought the graft was an invader and my immune system went nuts.

Anyway, I have never been afraid of dentists in my life, but I am now.

Since my bad dental work and trigeminal nerve damage, I am shocked how many people I have met who have had horrible dental work....leading to problems. And, some of those have had trigeminal nerve damage.

My pain on my lower right side is permanent and in many cases it only worsens over time. I try very hard to remain calm.

With SS, apparently we are all prone to issues (not trig. nerve stuff necessarily), but issues with our teeth.

Of course, I brush and get cleanings regularly. BUT, apparently this isn't a guarantee.

I have been told this new dentist is excellent, but I'm frightened...calming down a little though. My dental issues are heavy duty complicated.

Nomad, there is something really shocking to the system about having teeth break or fall out. It will be okay -- the dentist will take care of you. Unfortunately, the saliva issues with Sjogren's have a negative impact on teeth. In addition, prednisone use can lead to teeth breaking or crumbling. There are a lot of missing teeth here on the network, so you have lots of company with these issues. I hope once you get over the shock, you will find you can get by just fine.

I went through dental disasters many times long before I ever knew about SS. Several years ago I finally decided I was done paying for college for my dentist's kids and got dentures. Now after being diagnosed with SS I know why my teeth were so bad. While at times I feel like an old lady with my dentures (which I never take out except to clean) I love not having the fear and/or pain of a broken tooth along with the $3000-$4000 yearly dental bills.

(((Butler)))) I can totally understand that. Thank you soooo much Dancermom!

Another odd thing about today is that I was in the process of changing dentists.

Anyway, he was appropriately respectful and conservative due to my nerve damage and SS. This meant a lot to me.

He said between the two health issues, he would like to try to bond the tooth and that I am lucky this is even feasible.

I think that is a good idea. He said no more lemon drops ever and to use the Biotene Dry mouth spray and gel and if that doesn't work, we can discuss a RX. I go back next week for the bonding. :)

I'm so glad you have a plan, Nomad. You seem much better today, and that makes me happy. I hope the bonding does the trick.

HI Nomad, I've had a few crack, but my last one on the right is one that my dentist rebuilt with the white stuff and it's held up for 15 or 20 years now. Sorry, I'm just not sure the name of the substance used, but it was very inexpensive and has been so successful that I'm amazed! I hope you are able to have such a success!

Yes, it is a type of bonding material. Hope that this turns out well for you, I know you have had some very bad experiences, resulting in TN, and I hope this will be one of the good ones!

Wishing you well,


Many thanks SK. My heart goes out to you, as I know you are having tremendous pain. I hope you have good distractions mixed in there!!!!!

For me, its going to see my grandson, although getting there is a little bit of an effort!

My husband, just this morning, informed me as well, that he has a bonded tooth from something like twenty years ago! That is amazing! Very hopeful!!!! :)

On the TN websites I go to, I would guess perhaps 40% of them get the TN after bad or questionable dental work. Pretty much all of them are terrified of the dentist. I've met several with AI, but I don't think I've met folks with SS. The dentist yesterday looked sad. I could see his little wheels turning. Anyway, I NEVER in my life heard of such a thing (TN) until it happened to me...speaking of which...I have my bonding of my tooth on Tues., Oct. 7th, which is Trigeminal Neuralgia Awareness Day!

Thank you for being so uplifting and caring!!! Blessings!