My teeth are falling apart!

I have been having dental issues for some time now and have had a root canal and extraction resantly. Yesterday I was eating a pineapple and my front molar broke in half, all the way to the gum. The weird thing is, it doesn’t hurt. It looks like it decayed root to tooth rather than tooth to root. I assume that is why it does not hurt. Has anyone had this happen? I would like to wait to see a dentist If I can, but I don’t want to risk an infection…any advise? Thank you!

Hi Tessa

I would see the dentist soon infections can be very dangerous. After my car wreck years ago I started having teeth chip of or break against the gum line and they were more bothersome than painful.

See a dentist right away. Keeping my mouth moist in the daytime is a no brainer. Sogren's syndrome is bad for teeth. No matter what I do to keep my mouth moist at nigh, it's always dry in the morning.

Hi Tessa,

I've been through it with my teeth too, now most of mine are plastic and it's a relief in the long run. My upper is a full plate, and I have a lower partial. More than one DDS has warned me that it's best to keep as many lower teeth as possible, that I would rue the day I would have a full plate on the lower teeth.

There are vitamins and minerals to help strengthen teeth, here are a few

I have used a sonic toothbrush for years and it made a substantial difference in the over all health of my teeth and gums.

I hope this helps and your problems lessen. I feel for you!

Wishing you well,


BTW, try to get to the dentist as soon as you can, hopefully you kept the part that broke off and put it in water, sometimes they can cement it back in place!

So sorry to hear of this for you. I will definitely agree with everyone else that a visit to the dentist is essential.
What causes most tooth decay in Sjogren’s is the lack of moisture in our mouths. I take Excovac (sp?) and it works great. I took Salagen at first and it wasn’t as effective. Also my dentist gives me a toothpaste with extra fluoride in it to prevent decay. Knock on wood, I haven’t had any issues yet. I would look into something for mouth moisture and a toothpaste. Hope you feel better soon.


Somehow I am probably guessing that maybe you have been grinding your teeth for a while and the tooth or teeth

break off at the gumline. Check with the dentist because it sounds like you will need surgery to remove what is left.

I was fitted with a night guard to prevent the wear and tear from clenching. I notice that when I forget to wear this

device I wake up in the morning with pain in my jaw.

Hope you get the help that you need. SMILE.

With the kindest regards,


Hello . it really hurts people r going through this something has to give it’s just terrible. I can’t say if u should go to densist. If it would be me it wouldn’t be worth it I’d be there everyday. I only have about 8 teeth left and last week the front fell out . @ ur right they don’t hurt ., but I’ll tell u one day I don’t have a toothache next I do. I run to ER to get a shot in roof of mouth and antbotics pain meds the staff knows me by name . I do go to specialist but I don’t have dental insurance the bills r enormous. To have everthing done the price 32,729.00$ because we don’t have saliva and can’t were dentures cause the will not stay in place and believe me I’ve been to a lot of dentist . Right know I am looking for a foundation , nonprofit, a sponsored to give me a break I’ve emailed wrote no response. So if anyone knows anyone I’d be thankfull. And if anyone doesn’t know the med that I use for dry mouth is evocax tell u it’s a wonderful thing not to have water I ur hand at all times.

Hi Mic,

I've found that since they reformulated Polygrip and Fixodent, they hold the teeth more securely. My DDS always tells me I use too much, but for me, the more 'goop' the better the dentures stay put!

I don't know of any foundations, but I do know that friends in the past have gone to Dental schools for care at a substantial savings from the usual prices of dental work.

You may be able to get general cleanings here, it's always good to call and ask questions. Here's a possible place to start.

I also gave up on trying to save my teeth and replaced them with dentures. A full upper and a partial on the bottom. I've never heard folks with SS can't wear dentures but I got dentures before I was diagnosed. Not having tooth pain is worth it to me.

Thank you everyone for responding! I am going to get in with my normal dentist this week just to get an idea of what needs to be done. I called and spoke with my Rheumatologist, he gave me a referral to a dry mouth clinic at the dental school downtown. Hopefully it will not take months to get in! The thought of losing all my teeth scares me more than some of the more serious side effects of this disease. I know it sounds vain but it’s not just about appearance. I don’t have dental insurance, so cost is a huge factor. Has anyone had success with their healthcare paying for dental work? It should be covered considering it damage is caused by a medical condition, right?

The reason you felt no pain is lkely because the nerve is dead. You likely need a root canal and a crown. I would not leave it as it would seem to me that there might be an avenue for infection if you don't take care of it. Best of luck to you. My teeth are going bad also...I had a dental checkup in Sept. and had four cavities....then had to go back in fill three more cavities (new ones). I've been brushing two or three times a day and rinsing with fluoride rinse ....and still they are decaying.

Tessa: I have had SS for many years and up until last year, my teeth gave me no problems. Then last summer my TMJ locked my jaw and by the time it 'loosened' up, (about 3 months), my teeth were breaking, chipping, and falling out. I was told by my oral surgeon (whom I trust completely) that my SS is so severe that having dental implants are an expensive 'NO go' due to my infection rate. He also advised me that having dentures will be almost impossible to wear because I barely have any saliva for the 'goop' to bond with. Needless to say, I am at a loss on what to do next. I just know that without teeth to chew with, it has proven difficult to eat anything that can't be swallowed whole. Tessa - I will pray that you find the solution you are looking for and know that I am here for you in any way. God bless!

I have medicare and as long it is medically nessacary and sending that in.This is easy part . The clinics that I’ve been too won’t deal with them drives u nuts. But I read u r going to a dental school , i as well here in Baltimore, they have help ask about their grants and bring in any work stubs or SSI if u get that

Gammy4gks, my mom is in this situation and I don't know what to do. Does anyone here wear dentures without saliva? The dentist told her that all her teeth have to come out, top row first. I'm praying for a solution. She's already lost weight. Gammy have you gotten a second opinion about an implant? Do any of you have successful implants as posts for dentures?

graceforever: Yes, I have had a second and third opinion about dental implants. Two said my saliva levels were so bad (and my proneness for infections due to other autoimmune problems) that implants wouldn't take. There is a high level of fear of infections so severe that I might lose bone as well. One said to go for it but with the prices being what they are for implants and all the risks - I just can't justify it for myself. I am still debating dentures (I go back and forth!!) and might try them when the time gets here. However, as I said before, there isn't much hope that this will work either. Sorry; I'm not much help to you. I'm frustrated myself!

Gammy4gks, Thank you! It is very helpful though!! I'm finding out about this stuff and gathering all the info I can. I'd read that some docs say "why not try?" but others think its too risky. We haven't gotten a pricequote yet but from what I've heard its sky high, and I'm also worried about the risks of delayed healing, infection, etc.

I know she's got to do something. . . and whatever it ends up being, I'm going to be making a WHOLE bunch of homemade bone broths. Probably code liver oil and K2 a la Weston Price too.

Tessa, sorry for taking over your thread with my comment. I'd strongly consider going to a dentist or oral surgeon too! My mom waited and now dealing with all the teeth one time when you're older seems like too much.

Graceforever, I don’t mind at all. The more information we can get the better! I hope your mother finds a solution. Keep us posted.

Tessa, I found a sample letter on Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation under "conquering sjogrens"... I tried linking just now but it didn't post it for whatever reason. I'm planning to write my own personal plea to the insurance company, and asking the rheuma to write his/her own medical explanation of the care necessary and we'll both send a copy of it, to the highest level we can. I've read a few people were successful when they explained the origin of and necessity of dental work for a Sjogrens patient. Its not cosmetic! Its life saving.

TessaI wish I could help you. My teeth are so hard to take care of. It doesn't matter how much I floss & brush. I've had to put a lot of $$$$ on trying to keep my teeth.

I certainly know what you are going through. Probably 15 years ago I started getting decay at the gum line. I was not diagnosed with SS back then. My dentist at the time made me feel like I was not properly taking care of my teeth. Now I know better. I recently had my four front teeth veneered because they were breaking off.

Everyone's advice is spot on. Get to the dentist ASAP.