Well as you all know I am suppose to have surgery next tues for a total thyroidectomy. But as usual none of the doctors communicate. All I know is I have been to just about any kind of doctor that can be thought of. But each doctor has just 1 0r 2 body parts they deal with, so without connecting the dots of all of them a clear diagnosis is close to impossible. I say this because it has been years of symptoms that didn't make sense. Due to these symptoms I started the 1st of the year with hand and finger surgery, intense physical therapy,then ultra sounds for neck mass, biopsies etc. Its overwhelming indeed. So my last post I was checking with the neck surgeon to see if being put on predisone or having SS would pospone the surgery. Keep in mind every doctor I see I make them aware of other conditions .I have asked each one " Does having SS complicate the surgical procedure. They all said SS had no bearing on the thyroid surgery. I made the call to the surgeon to ask . The Assist Surgeon called me back and said I know the SS is no big deal but he may be concerned about the predisone. I'm thinking ok, everyone is blowing off this SS. Then I get another call from Assit Surgeon, saying , the surgeon is okay with predisone but said " SS can be a problem for surgery " he wants a clearance for surgery from the Rheumatoid Doctor. So it paid off for me to be persistent and in charge of my healthcare. I guess the lesson here is, No one can look out for you like you. Ask questions , insists on answers, but ALWAYS be your own Health Care Manager

LOL EXAMPLE = Rheumatoid Doc's office called today, I say hello, she says we can't clear you for surgery...I say I never called you about surgery. She says well doc said get primary to do it. I say primary sent all her test in, and who is requesting this clearance , who contacted you ? She says, the surgeon. I told her you need to do your job and respond to the Surgeon not the patient. I have been thru alot and have a few nerve racking days ahead of me before the surgery, not to mention the bad symptoms Im dealing with, so I guess you should try physician to physician protocol...