2nd Nero and here I am

Hi everyone.. So I seen a second Nero last week who sent me in for a Stat MRI of my spine. Looks like I will be having surgery this week. on my neck the nerves coming out of my right side are being pinched, quashed or what ever term they thing it is. Not enough blood flow to the right side of my body. Dr was very upset that with all the doc. I have seen and my continued down climb and use of my right arm and leg that no one found it. I am just glad he did. Not sure of all the details of my surgery will find out tomorrow but I am finally on my way to getting my life back. BTW my new nero is now sending me for all the repeated test for all the autoimmune they say I have. He said he wants to see the test results. He is also testing me for Lyme, Copper, as well. I have some other issues with my back like bone spurs pressing on my spine and also a bulged disk not sure what they are going to do with that. but will see. Also on the MRI it showed a small growth on my thyroid. Dr said after surgery will address that one. I started B 12 shots 2 weeks ago and boy does it make me hungry. I finally feel like I have a Dr. that truly wants to make me better. and make sure I am correctly diagnosed. Its been a long year but I have a good year a head to look forward too. Thank you each and everyone of you for your support and advice and comfort. See you after surgery and enjoy your moments!


Hope that the surgery goes well; thinking of you...

Beeb, So glad you got some of the a answers you were looking for! Good Luck with your surgery and let us know how you are doing. I will be praying for you!

Beeb, I'm glad you are with a Doc that is taking a close look at things and interested in helping. Please keep us posted on how things go. Sending gentle hugs.