Best Denture Adhesives?

Hello everyone! I made a decision to have a full set of dentures made back in August even though I was told that it might not work. After years of pain and all of my teeth removed, I was desperate to try SOMETHING. (I already knew that implants wasn’t an option.) Sadly, even with all of the adhesives I’ve tried and all the ‘linings’ put in, neither set of dentures has held to my gums. The moment any wetness gets inside the plates, they come undone and slip/fall out. After countless visits with my prosthodontist, he finally said he had done all that he could and he was sorry. So my question is - has anyone tried any of the WATERPROOF denture adhesives? I am willing to give several of them a try if need be but am hoping that there might be others who might be of help first. Thank you…

Sorry I can’t be of help. Does your mouth feel better overall now?

Hi there! I’m new and recently diagnosed. Your topic caught my eye as I’ve been wearing dentures 6 years now. I have good success with Fixodent Plus Gum Care. I do have to reapply it to the bottom plate by late afternoon or around supper. But that really depends on what I’m planning to eat that evening.

I also like SECURE Sensitive (it’s waterproof) and available on Amazon. Amazon also has a reline product I’ve used a lot called Cushion Grip. You might want to take a look at those.

Hope this offers some help. If all else fails I just take mine out and eat ice cream :blush: