Burning hands

my hands are burning!! Especially my thumb and pointer on my left and thumb, pointer an middle on my right. Right under my nails and everything right up to my wrists. I have reynauds too but usually they only burn after I warm up and it feel different. That’s more like a stinging. This is more like I am holding my hands over burning hot stove burners or something. Anyone else have this?

Have you had it long? Maybe it might be a good idea to get it checked out if so, people with Sjogrens can get peripheral neuropathy, the nerves in hands and feet can get damaged. Stabbing pains, pins and needles, numbness or burning are the symptoms.

It just started slowly a couple of hours ago, now I feel like someone is stabbing my fingertips. If I stand with my hands in cold water the pain goes away temporarily but once I take them out it comes back within a couple of minutes

Angie, I agree with Jules that you should get checked by a neurologist. I have peripheral neuropothy from SS and the pain cn be very weird and not always the same. The meds help a whole lot. However, there could be other things that are causing it so a doc appointment is necessary.

When I got checked by a neurologist I was told that it was likely small fiber neuropathy, which apparently is typical for Sjögren’s syndrome. No compression, and just sensory nerves. Very bad feeling. Manageable, but unpleasant. Mine comes and goes over a period of a few weeks, so so far I haven’t added changed any meds.

Stoney I'm sorry you have this, on top of everything else we deal with. Please pop in and ask questions if you need as I think a lot of us have it. I know what you mean about it being in and out. Mine is that way…. it changes where it hits and how it feels. Hang in there. Hopefully it will subside for you.

Thanks. Typically it’s more frustrating than anything else, although there have been two body area that I have had to seek help- when it hit one side of my face and when it hit the soles of my feet.

EnjoyLife said:

Stoney I’m sorry you have this, on top of everything else we deal with. Please pop in and ask questions if you need as I think a lot of us have it. I know what you mean about it being in and out. Mine is that way…. it changes where it hits and how it feels. Hang in there. Hopefully it will subside for you.

What symptoms did you get with the soles of your feet? I'm having trouble with mine at the moment, but GP thinks it's possibly the arches, wants me to try orthotic insoles- I'm getting lots of pins and needles, but trying the insoles for a few weeks seems like a good idea, so we will see!

Pins and needles were kind of my symptom….its the closest way to describe it but not quite the same as if they have fallen asleep. At times it is like that, other times it is more like that feeling you get when you have a deep splinter in the foot that only hurts when you step on it. I have gone through stretches where I feel like I have a hair stuck to my face and I spend a lot of time trying to brush it away before I realize that there is nothing there. LOL…people must think I'm nuts some days. One my arms and legs I've had to train myself to stop swatting at a mosquito that isn't there either. As far as hands, feet, forearms and calves, I can get numb patches too or odd hot spots. Like I said, it goes can change.

Feet it’s been primarily burning. Really bad. But lots of other weird stuff, like the drop of water that kept falling on the same spot on my scalp. Twitching and tingling on one side of my face. Random spots of tingling all over. A lot of the small stuff comes and goes. I’ll go through stretches where I have minimal problems like this and then other times. I’ve also had some inflammation related eye troubles, with my vision, not uveitis. Yes, feeling that something is on me and needing to check.

Most of it is just bothersome, but the burning feet is really horrible when it happens. Thankfully, it only has been bad for stretches of a week to three at a time.

Angie- hopefully the worst will pass shortly. If not, there are meds that can make a real difference.

You get the water drop feeling?! LOL..I've gotten that but never related that to this. This is why I love this site. How often do we get to laugh at this stuff?

Angie, if it helps any my neurologist said that having symptoms doesn't mean its a permanent state. It really can come and go. Sometimes meds can stop what's happening altogether. For me, i'l be on them indefinitely but they made a big difference as far as being comfortable.

Yes. I get this from time to time, but I also have Raynaud's and carpal tunnel and a few other things like this so I typically just dismiss the sensation. I have discovered that just relaxing or gently rubbing my hands/feet (one then the other) sometimes helps a little. I definitely suggest that you talk with your doctor about this- call your doctor, don't just wait until your next appointment.

I get that water drop and mosquito bite sensations as well. I'm now wondering if any of you get a burning/ sensitive to touch pain on various spots on your head? When I first told my rheumy about the head pain she asked if I'd had anyone look to see if it was red (as far as my color impaired hubby could tell- no redness). I thought I had it all figured out as a possible allergic reaction to shampoo... but I experienced it again last month (I've switched to homemade shampoo- no chemicals). Not an injury, not due to wearing a ponytail. Just suddenly discover that my head skin hurts, feels like a burn, the pain lasts more than a day. Just as suddenly as it starts it goes away. Reading these posts made me think of it.

I also have reynauds so it’s hard to figure out if it’s just that. I really think it was just over exposure to heat cuz I was cooking 60 pinwheels at the time. I notice the pain when cooking or doing dishes or in the shower but this was the first time it was that bad. I’ve just been trying to keep my hands at a room temp as much as possible since cold makes them turn blue. I also have the water drop feeling, I’ve actually had it since I was a kid, keeps me up at night just because it’s so annoying. Unfortunately it’s going to be about 6 months before I can see my rheumatologist so I guess I will just deal until then. I guess someone else will have to do the dishes for me, oh dear!