Bursitis in the hip

Hi, I have bursitis in my left hip and was wondering if anyone here has had this and if you did, what helped with it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mirrie,

This must be constant pain! I don't have bursitis, but my first husband had it in the elbow from being a baseball pitcher. His elbow used to swell and hurt him terribly. He had it drained, which helped most of all, but the cortisone shots were also helpful.

I will feature this in hopes that others will have some good ideas about this. What does your Dr recommend? I hope you can get some lasting relief very soon!


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I actually found out a couple of weeks ago that I have bursitis in both hips. Not sleeping much as either side is very painful to lay on and my lower back hurts if I sleep on my back or stomach. My rheumy has prescribed Mobic (24 hour NSAID that is easier on your stomach) and it is working so well. I still have pain, especially if I overdo it physically, but it is so much better that I am able to sleep again. She has me on it for 2 months. I also have to go to a physical therapist. Heat helps when it is hurting. Good luck!

I had it years ago and the pain was horrible. My rheumatologist at the time gave me a steroid shot in it and within a couple of days the pain was gone. It was good for many years and every now and then it feels a little sore, but not bad. I hope you get relief.

I had this in my left elbow last winter and it was awful. Steroids, painkillers and physical therapy eventually worked for me. I hope you can overcome this soon.

Thanks everyone, I have found that rubbing in some anti inflammatory gel helps with sleep and am booked in for a cortisone injection in a few weeks. Laura, this last week it feels like I have it in my right hip and I also have a painful back so understand that sleeping is difficult. I was relieved to find something that helped at night. It’s 5.30 am here and haven’t slept but it’s my sciatica keeping me up tonight. If one pain is a little better there is always some other pain to jump in and take it’s place :).
Thanks everyone again and I hope your day is as good as possible.
Take care you lovely people x

Hey Mirrie,

Glad you are getting some relief, I have a gal on EDS who just posted about the very same problem! I know, it's always something! Hope you both can get to a better place very soon!

I have it, and take pain meds and use lidoderm patches or Icy Hot. I also have a heating pad in my bed and on my couch, but still can't sleep on my hip.

Hi Mirrie I know how you feel but why don’t you try the Tumeric capsules 400mg I heard it can make wonders with the pain and it acts as an antiflamatory also

Thanks everybody, it sounds like there are some other things that might be helpful including the tumeric. :slight_smile:

Over 20 years ago I had bursitis in both my hips. At that time I could afford private medical insurance and was referred to a chiropodist (a professor at the University) who put stickers on my legs and took a video of me walking. When he had analysed the results he made me solid inserts to wear in my shoes. This worked and it didn’t take too long before I was pain free.
Unfortunately the pain is now beginning to return and as I am now 78 I can no longer afford the private medical insurance.
I had not thought about a connection with SS until I saw this post today.
I still have the inserts somewhere so perhaps I should find them and see if they will work wonders again.
Best wishes to all

I have subcromial bursitis in both my shoulders per an MRI . I had cortisone shots, other meds ect…nothing helped. My neurologist told me to take vitamin b-6 and I have no more pain.

So sorry you have this. I know how painful it is! I hope you find relief.

I have bursitis in the hips too. It can be very painful at times…annoying all the time. Its kind of ever-present. If it helps for long term relief, I do yoga and careful stretching. It seems to help hold off flair ups to begin with. Aleve helps for the mid-range pain days too. I haven't had the shots yet but I hear from people with various issues that they help.

I find stretching helps too! :slight_smile:

Thanks for that article Mirrie. Very informative.

That is a fantastic article Terri and brilliant diagrams. It makes sense about the tendons can cause it. I seem to go from a problem with one tendon then that goes and I get it with a different tendon.
I also have pain in one of the arches of mu feet. My worst problem is the sciatica, which seems to be coming from my lower back. Will have to get that checked at some point.
It’s so good to hear from you. I can’t imagine how painful it is to have this in your feet.
Hugs :wink:

Oh crikey that looks so painful. I think mine seems more like metatarsalgia in my foot which isn’t so bad. I need to add it to my list to get checked
Haha love the cartoon.
Look after yourself Terri
lots of love xxx

Um! They look like they hurt you! Look like my poor grandmother's feet!

I hear you, sister! I too buy and wear those expensive "orthopedic combat sneakers"! That was a quote from my son! ha! I've also learned to 'tuck and roll'!

I donated my beautiful shoes, grudgingly, one pair at a time, but it had to be done!

Haha I will at some point Terri. You’ve cheered me up xxx