Cevimeline and Pregnancy, Temperature Fuctuations?

Hello! I have had dry eye for years, at one time so bad daily life was a struggle. The grittiness and pain were unbearable. I have been on Cevimeline for years. My husband and I are trying to conceive and there are no studies looking at the effects of Cevimeline on fetal development. My rheumatologist would like me to be off the medication for the duration of the pregnancy, but that is impossible.
Additionally, since going off birth control I’ve had major temperature fluctuations (loving all the hot flash comments from my friends and family >_> ). I have read that it’s a symptom of Sjogren’s, so I was wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue and how? Basically, I’m cold all the time (including Reynaud’s), and if I’m not freezing then I’m burning up with a hot flash, completely tomato faced.

I am 48 and the hot and cold with this disease I deal with daily as well.

I would probably start off by talking with your ob-gyn. The temperature fluctuations may be as simple as your body recalibrating after being on birth control. I’ve personally never experienced temp fluctuations like that, although I may be starting to get hot flashes (I’m almost 47). Expected at my age, not yours. Some meds could also be implicated. Talk to your doctor.