Cheapest eye drop most effective castor oil

I like many of you have tried pretty much everything and anything, I’ve seen more than a handful of different eye docs. All of which have been little to no help. I did find a new discovery that I would like to share with you. Organic cold pressed castor oil hexane free. Works excellently, I use primarily at night before bed as I would always wake up several times with pain, not any more. I use once befor bed then mayb one other time during day if needed. I have noticed that my eye lashes are started to grow back. Castor oil is antifungal and anti bacterial, and I believe help with inflammation. It hands down works better than any and I repeat any eye drop that I’ve ever used. Period. It does not burn as restasis and xiidra do. In reading the label it say do not put in eyes. But I have found nothing comparable. If you r like me u want something that helps ,give it a try. The bottle I bought was like 7 bucks and will probably last a year or so. I purchased small dropper bottles on eBay for a few dollars. There are several videos on YouTube chk it out plz. Just search castor oil dry eye… hope this helps.

It’s a lubricant, so I’m not surprised that it’s working well. Ok use a night time ointment as well. The reason to use Restasis or xiidtee a is that they are used to increase tear production. There is no reason why you can’t combine a lubricant ointmesnt with a prescription eye drop.

i have some at home but i have yet to use it. so true those restasis always burn my eyes that it deters me from using them. i also recently went to the eye doctor and got the sjrogens paper test done and he said it was normal i dont know what that means because i didnt feel like his drops even landed in my eyes. But i will ask my rheum later next month. thanks guys.

Restasis actually contains castor oil , says right on the ingredients. Although I’m certain it’s a small amount.

Thanks for you response although Xiidra does not increase tear production, it mostly helps with inflammation.

It might be an idea to check it out with your doctor though, just in case long term use could do damage? Especially if it mentions on the bottle to not use in the eyes. Sometimes things you think of as harmless can do harm- I used to use Vaseline on the inside of my nose at night to stop dryness, which worked great, but then I found out that it can actually get inhaled into the lungs and cause a form of pneumonia!

@Jules and that’s exactly what my doctor told me to do. It’s funny how doctors don’t agree on so many things.

That’s interesting! It was mentioned on the John Hopkins site i think… I do use it every now and then if my nose gets really sore, as it does seem really soothing!

Hi, I’ve used coconut oil the pharmaceutical grade for couple of years now. Works brilliant, no sting atalll! Also good for my dry lips, nostrils, skin and on my eye lids before bed. Beware!.. cats love the stuff so you will wake with you furry friend licking your eye lids.
Only use the pharmaceutical grade as there are impurities in other grades…not good on the eye balls!!

Where did you buy the castor oil?

Again, Sammy and everyone else, please check with your doctor(s) about all alternative and “folk” remedies, as well as supplements, vitamins, etc.

I just found ROHTO Dri-Aid eyedrops. Over the counter. Feels really good on my eyes and only need to use it a couple of times during the day. It has a purple cap. ROHTO has other varieties but they have a redness remover additive that burns. So make sure it has a purple cap.