What brand of eye drops are most effective for you?

OTC, or prescription, what helps your dry eyes the most?

I use Restasis, and for me, it’s wonderful. I had never realized how dry my eyes were until the Restasis. Now if I miss it longer than two days, I really feel it.


My wife has had good luck with Refresh Gel. It comes in a 10 gram tube. It's a little pricy but she only needs to use it a few times a day. We live in Mexico and it is available over the counter.

Hi Stacie,

So glad this works for you! I'm still in search of something that works that well for me, as I could not use Restasis! The burn just never went away!

Is this the only type of drop that you have to use?

Refresh Plus preservaive free has worked best for me...I tried Restasis and my eyes just burned on and on and on...even over night.......i have tried different gels at bedtime and have found Genteal gel workd better than any of the others I have tried.

I use TheraTears (preservative free) and have been able to stop using Restasis. But I also have humidifiers going 24/7. I recently bought Refresh Optive Advanced (also preservative free) from Costco hoping this less expensive option would work. Haven’t tried it yet. To stop miebomian gland clogging and other eye infections I no longer use eye makeup daily. When I do I remove it as soon as possible followed with a special eyelid scrub by OCuSOFT. I have also found that use of the microwavable THERMALON dry eye compress followed by gentle massage is very helpful. Usually I do this just before going to sleep.
If I get an eye infection I immediately use prescription meds like Tobradex Ointment or Tobramycin drops.
And when I am outside I wear large sunglasses to protect my eyes!
I hope this helps someone! :slight_smile:

I am on Restasis but even with that I need drops throughout the day. Thera-tears are great during the day. I found out about them from the sample sent out by the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation. Optive Rephresh Advanced is pretty good too. The Celluvisc version is great for nights. Its not a gel but it's thicker than regular drops. Something about their formula works so well for me.

I also use Ocu-scrbus too. They actually make a difference too. I have found that in a pinch, a make-up remover or facial scub sheet will work just as well.

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