Dry eyes

I am currently using refresh to help when my eyes burn and tear up. This does not seem to help me very much, can anyone tell me some other things that I might use or do for dry eyes? Thank you.

Dry eyes are a frequent topic hereā€¦.I personally do a few things. I'm on Restasis and have the plugs in but daily maintenance is the killer. I use TheraTears during the day. And occasionally Refresh Celluvisc which is a little bit thinker than just drops but not an ointment. At night I occasionally use an ointment. That makes a big difference -more than running a humidifier for me but different things work for different people. I also use OccuScrub. Keeping the lids scrubbed seems to make them tear a little better and also seems to make the eyes more receptive to drops. I get the gunked up eyes in the morning though so it is necessary for me. As side note, the eye & rheumy both suggested flaxseed oil as well. I've been taking that for a few years. I keep taking it because I know there are health benefits (and I'm allergic to seafood) but it doesn't seem to have made much of a difference for my eyes.

Thank you for the information. My eyes seem to burn all the time and tear up no matter what I do. Thanks again for your input!

I take Occuvite and Omega-3. My optometrist was surprised Occuvite helps because that is usually for the back of the eyes, but it has helped me immensely. I added the Omega-3 and that has given me so much relief. I didn't take the Omega-3 for two days and my eyes are burning today for the first time in quite some time. My optometrist also told me to do a lid scrub, which is just some baby shampoo watered down and rubbed in a circular motion. My eyes aren't 100% but they are 100% better than they once were. A lot of the symptoms of SS are manageable, it was the fatigue and burning eyes that I struggled with most.

Thank you for your response. I just ordered some Omega - 3 so hopefully that will help. I appreciate the input.