Someone asked about eye drops

I can't find the post, but I stopped using eye drops a long time ago. I take one Occuvite Adult 50+ and two Omega 3 gummies daily. My eyes were beyond the chronic point. The whites were bright red and they burned all day long. Since taking the Occuvite and Omega, I have very few problems. Every once in a while I have a little flare up. I just call it my off day. They are getting fewer and farther between. Good luck! The eyes and chronic fatigue are the worst of all this in my opinion!

Hi aa, I didn't even realize they made these supplements, where have I been?

I know most eye specialists carry the Douglas Lab brand, most of which are unavailable to anyone other than Physicians, but I see a wide variety of products here.

Thanks for this info, good to hear from you!

aa, thanks for this info!! My eyes sound a lot like yours. Can’t wait to give these a try!!! Thank You!!!

Hope it works as well for you as it does for me. My eyes are 100% but a good 80% better with the Occuvite and Omega. The combination seems to work wonders for me.

Thanks for the information. I'll have to try Occuvite.