Coconut oil

What do you use it for?

Oil pulling! Since SS can be bad for dental health, i've added it to my routine. It feels different and I hear people say its made a difference. for them.

Can you tell me more about the oil pulling? I’ve heard that there’s a hundred uses for it, and want to know how to use it for Sjögren’s.

Its an anti-microbal so it is said to help prevent a lot of the dental issues for those that have the dry mouth part of SS. I don't for the most part (though i get it in the throat) but I'll do anything to hold off problems also. There is a ton anecdotal evidence that says it helps especially from people here that have had great check-ups since starting it.

The idea is that you use coconut oil almost the way you would a mouthwash. You pull it through your teeth…I only do a few minutes though i've heard others working up to 15 minutes or so. Very important is A) don't swallow it. It has pulled out the bad stuff that is now mixed in and B) spit it into a dixie cup, garbage, whatever just not down the sink. It returns to a solid state when it cools back off and will gum up the pipes. I give a quick rinse and brush my teeth well right after. For me, it feels cleaner and that feeling lasts longer than just plain brushing.

There are some decent articles out there on it. They don't vary too much. Its not a cure all of anything but a nice tool to use.

I know this isn’t as interesting as oil pulling, but…
We have been making popcorn using coconut oil. (Heating the c. Oil and cooking it this way). It is delicious AND it seems to soothe my GERD symptoms. I only eat a cup and a half of the cooked popcorn. No extra butter or salt. The coconut oil gives it flavor. It seems to help with mild constipation and upset tummy. Love it!

I use coconut oil in my golden milk tea (as well as full fat coconut milk), for cooking, and I think I'm going to start oil pulling because I've heard such great things about it. I sometimes use it as a moisturizer. I want to buy buckets of it!!!

Is there a certain brand name of coconut oil that people use? Or what should I look for when purchasing?

I use some almost every morning when I wake up. I have some in the bathroom, and I take some in my hands and massage it through my scalp. I leave it on for an hour or so before I shower. It's supposed to help with hair loss. It seems to stop mine from gettng worse, anyway. I really enjoy doing it, too.

Tropical traditions sells high quality hand harvested stuff. Their email newsletter is always putting out discounts. :)

I second oil pulling.

I'll add another: sugar scrubs. Wow those are nice. Very moisturizing way to get clean in the shower. :)

My friend did the pre-condition thing with oils pre-shower, when a badly done perm threatened to kill off her hair follicles. Her hair stopped falling out when she started oiling her head before the shower! She also used Aveda Invati spray.


Oh I am definitely going to try the pre-conditioning the hair with coconut oil. Mine goes through phases but the breakage has been really bad lately. Sounds wonderful.

My main use of coconut oil is on my grand kids, who all have Psoriasis. I gob it on them right after a bath, it certainly helps their skin, I sometimes use it on mine too. I have yet to cook with it, but surely it's good stuff for that too!

My grandson is always after me to buy fresh coconut, so we got one the last time, and had my granddaughter's husband crack it open for him. Somehow he expected it to be sweetened and grated, or a cream mixture like coco lopez! ha! He was very disappointed! Next time we'll get the grated, and the coco lopez! We just got a new blender, and he's anxious to burn it up!

Have you tried it on your hair yet, EJ? I'm always afraid it will turn out like the old mayonaise idea, where you wash your hair 100 times, and it's still dripping grease! So you first on the oil! Let me know how it goes!

I’ve seen that you can buy coconut oil shampoo and conditioner. I have been using it for night cream on my face and on my hands with cotton gloves over it. I cooked with it for the first time yesterday… My eggs were great. It apparently can be used as a substitute for margarine or butter in recipes. I’m still not on board with the pulling, tried it once and grossed me out. :frowning:
I’ve learned a bunch from this post. Truly appreciate the feedback.

Thanks for the shampoo tip!

I know, I’ve learned so very much from my presence on the various BF groups I belong to. I’ve been here so long, many people are like family to me.

That's too funny about the fresh coconut.... like one of the kids I babysat for when I was young. He kept pestering his mother for one of his Easter eggs so she finally said yes. He came back a few minutes later and told her the egg tasted funny....I guess he didn't take the time to peel it first. :)

A herbalist suggested I ingest 2 TBSP per day for the severe itching that I have.

I use it as a moisturizer. I was able to get a case of organic coconut oil free so I'm sure I have enough to last a life time. I wear dentures so oil pulling for my teeth is something I don't have to do