Oil Pulling Anyone

I've recently come across some hype regarding the latest trend of "Oil Pulling" which involves swishing an oil (like coconut oil) around in your mouth for 20 minutes each day.

Oil pulling is an old ayurvedic practice and its benefits are said to include a significant reduction of the amount of harmful bacteria in your mouth. I even ran across one article which states that a study at the University of Toronto found improvement in female patients with SS.


Before I go sloshing some coconut oil around in my mouth (and most likely gagging) was wondering if anyone has been brave enough to try this.


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Hi Liz,

At one time this was discussed at great length. I had every intention of starting this, and just never did, so I used the search engine at the page top to bring up the discussions on it.


What she said…LOL. I've tried it but take a look at the discussion. Everything you need to know is there.

Thanks will look.