Constipation: Possible Solution

A subject many of us may not feel comfortable discussing. I personally don't suffer from this but have a few friends that do due to pain medications mostly. One of them takes an over the counter med. Senakot. The other gets Senna leaves which is what Senakot is made with off amazon. She eats only 2 leaves & has relief in 10-12 hrs. Both have had great results. Just thought I'd mention it. Hoping to help others with the same problem.

Thanks Ann- there was a discussion on this a while back- it is quite a common problem! I've found recently eating 3 dried figs a day has improved things!

LOL… Fig newtons. Love 'em and they work for me.

Information on sjogren's syndrome

Constipation and other things. Very interesting site.

Yes, probiotics are a must!!!


I haven't taken probiotics....I am looking at it though. I take a ginger pill each morning and of course a fiber pill. don't know if it helps or not. Thanks for the info Ann D! :)