Help! Anyone with Sjogren's AND Crohn's?

My Sjogren’s is long standing and severe, including organ damage and peripheral nerve damage. I have been prescribed Rituxin.

Now, I have also been diagnosed with Crohn’s - another autoimmune disease affecting the digestive system. It is very severe, and needs immediate treatment to prevent more permanent damage.

I can’t take Rituxin with Crohn’s. The Crohn’s meds don’t do much to help Sjogren’s, and little to help with neuropathy. I need a different drug, and taking multiple biologics is too dangerous.

Is there anyone else here with both Crohn’s and Sjogrens’s? Please let me know how you’re managing. I am desperate to find someone else who can share their experience and give a little insight. Maybe even offer a little much needed support too?

I am desperate, and at the end of my rope.

Hi Eschnak….I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with all of that. I don't have Crohn's but I know a lot of people here are dealing with multiple issues. I am sure they will chime in with what they have found to help. I just wanted to touch base and encourage you to hang in there.

Thank you so much. I am beginning to think maybe I really am alone in this, which surprises me, since both issues involve mucus producing tissue.

I don't think you are alone. We all have such odd issues but you are right in that moisture based systems are a problem for us. Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation may have more information. The list digestive, etc issues as being one of the bigger problems for Sjoggies. Have you taken a look there yet?

Hi I have just googled links between Sjogrens and Crohns and your post came up. I was last year diagnosed with Crohns following bowel resection surgery and I am now being investigated for Sjogrens too. I note your post was a few years ago and wondered how you have been getting on