Hi there, Susan!

Hi there @SK22 , and welcome to the Sjogren’s Syndrome patient support group. Glad you were able to find us although I’m sure you’re familiar with our website format from our other communities :smile:

How have you been lately? I saw from your profile that you’re looking for a good rheumatologist and just some general support for your Sjogren’s diagnosis. You’re definitely at the right place; we have our whole community that’s here to help provide some insight from the patient’s point of view and listen to your experiences as well.

Although you might be familiar with our website format, there are some categories that I think would interest you. Namely, our doctor/clinic recommendations category is a pretty good place to ask around if anyone has any recommendations for your area. Here’s one I found for Florida, although I’m not sure if it’s exactly where you are.

Hope that things have been alright for you lately. It can definitely be a struggle sometimes finding others who understand what you’re going through especially when you have a rare disease like Sjogren’s, but we’re all here to support you! Let us know if there’s anything on your mind, and welcome again to the sjogren’s syndrome patient support group!

Thank you for the welcome and information. I was reading that thread earlier today but I am in central Florida - too far away. I will keep checking in.

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Hi this is Susan.
I did find a rheumatologist , He ordered lots of blood work and it was negative.
So I guess I have type 1 Sjogren’s Syndrome for which I am grateful.
What tips can you give me for the symptoms that we have ?
I had a brain hemorrhage 5 years ago and found the people in my support group helped me more than anyone. f

Hi Susan! Most people us a combination of symptom management and (often) some sort of systemic management. Personally, I have Sjogren’s AND Psoriatic arthritis, so I have definitely found that the systemic meds that I use for the arthritis benefit the sjogren’s.

If you are looking for information on a specific management tool, you can do a search by using the magnifying glass icon on the top right.