Good Rheumatologist in Florida - especially South West FL


Does anyone here have a recommendation for a great rheumatologist and a great oral surgeon/dentist in south west Florida?

Cities like Fort Myers

Cape Coral

Port Charlotte

Punta Gorda




Thanks & I'm glad we have a forum to share experiences on. Doctors are SO hard to find, and doctors who have experience with rare disease and are also very good with their patients... that's even harder to find! It's so easy to get looked over...

Any help is vastly appreciated!

I'd love to know the same question about the Charlotte NC area!


I too need to find one in Alabama, preferably one that is open to more natural treatments.


Have you tried the kirklin clinic in Birmingham?

I live in Bonita Springs. Between Ft. Myers, and Naples. I had a great Rheumy, but he recently went to a Consieger (bad spelling) practice. I too am looking for a new doc. I do have a great dentist in Bonita. Dr. Daryl Damon. Also a great Endodontist, Dr. LeMiere, also in Bonita. (I've had numerous root canals) Dr. LeMiere is amazing.

Thank you so much Connie, I really appreciate it! Do you think you could tell me the consierge doc's name... I'd love to be able to pick his brain about who he may know up in Port Charlotte... if anything. And thank you for the dentist ref too! A good dentist is so hard to find!


His name is Eric Hochman. He is affiliated with Naples Heath System. His number is 239-■■■■■■■■. They are bringing on a new Rheumatologist to replace Dr. Hochman. She is coming from another part of the country.

If you find another doc please let me know.

Good luck!