Dentist visit

Yesterday my son and I went to the dentist. I started chatting with the other patient in the waiting room, who encouraged me to take care of my teeth. She was finishing up a series of appointments and was really miserable. We chatted another minute, and it turns out that she has multiple diagnoses as well, including Sjogren’s. The big difference between the two of us? I’m on meds, including evoxac, and she isn’t. She hadn’t even heard of meds designed to increase moisture.

What’s my point? I’ve heard too many stories of this. Do what you can to take good care of your teeth even if you’re scared of the dentist. Talk to your rheumy about what you can do in terms of being proactive.

I just paid $6K. I waited too long. Big price for crowns and a lower partial. We need to be at the dentist ever 4 mos. And, take meds as prescribed. And get a good doctor.

Oh yes...and make sure your dentist knows Sjogren's. Its an important part of our medical team.