Easy recipe ideas for Karyn, please contribute!

I noticed that Kayrn was looking for easy recipe ideas, so I thought it would be best to just put it all in a discussion, so it could be easily accessed by all.

Any contributions would be appreciated by all!

Sk's version of beans and rice

for every cup of jasmine rice, add 1 1/4 cups water

saute fresh green beans in butter or oil, add in sliced sweet white onions, when beans are still a bit firm, add in a jar of kidney beans until heated through (the juice can be added or discarded, I add it)

sea salt and pepper to taste

serve over the rice

For a snack I mix the following together in a small jar: peanut butter of choice (I use chunky to give more crunch) - layer in the peanut butter, mini chocolate chips. I prefer semi-sweet ones or dark chocolate ones, a layer of reduced sugar cranraisins, then layer of sliced or chopped nuts. I prefer almonds. Add another layer of peanut butter if there is room. I mix it with a knife in the jar.

I use it on graham crackers. One rectangle - 4 small pieces. I gives me healthy energy snack and takes away the hunger between meals. It would be good on slices of apples also or lots of other foods as well. I decided to try to make my own concoction when Planters stopped selling cherry chocolate peanut butter in the stores. I am allergic to dried fruits because of the sulfur on them so couldn't have dried cherries. One bag of the nuts, minichips, cranraisins will keep to make up many jars of this peanut butter treat. I have also tired it with dark chocolate peanut butter. Warning - watch your portion control!

Where the heck was I when all of these cherry chocolate PBs came out?

This sounds VERY good! Thanks rodyanne!

I too never heard of the cherry chocolate PB....maybe I should be glad.....think I might have over done it on the portion control thing.

LOL bak, me too! I've wanted some of this stuff ever since she mentioned it! Now I'm ruined, never to taste it! Boo Hoo! LOL! I can see that you and I could get into some serious trouble together! SERIOUS!