Employment and Living with Sjogren's Syndrome

To my dismay, after working my entire life, I have become disabled due to the insidious nature of Sjogrens. Does anyone have any creative ideas how an intelligent woman who lives with a bone dry, dry mouth can find some type of employment to remain relevant in my life and the life of others?

Hi Terri,

Thank you so very much for taking your time to reply to my question. I know that what I am asking in this community is a very difficult question but, I must believe that someone has a creative idea/solution for it. I must hold on to hope that there is something productive I can do even in the light of the painful, daily challenges I face. Again, thank you so very much for your reply as it is greatly appreciated!! Hugs to you....Cheryl

I too am beginning my disability paperwork next week. Did you have problems proving the disability? My intent is too visit with family and spend every moment I can with my grandchildren. The way I see it, if I'm going to be exhausted any way, it might as well be from spending time with my grands. Have you tried the flouride trays for dry mouth? It's worked wonders for me.

Hi ladydi52,

First, thank you so much for the friend request. I was feeling low today and that just made me smile. Regarding the disability paperwork, my family hired a consulting firm who really did all the leg work necessary to obtain disability. However, I do remember I was evaluated by to medical doctors to be accepted. The process is more of a pain in the you know what than anything. Just remember, it is a process and may take some time...patience here goes a long way.

I am really interested in the fluoride trays for dry mouth. Could you please provide more information specifically about this, where I can purchase it and how it has helped you? Anything to alleviate my pain would be soo appreciated. I look forward to your response and thank you again for being one of my friends on this site....Cheryl

This info comes at the perfect time. Pray for me as I start this tedious journey. As for the flouride trays, my dentist office provided them at a price of $60. Molds of my upper and lowers were done and ready in a week. At night I fill the trays with a thin layer of flouride and sleep with them. Its made a huge difference in the morning. I use them throughout the day as often as I can. They were recommended by my doctor at John Hopkins Syogrens Center.