First Urology appt today

I went to a local Urologist…and was pleasantly surprised! He was AWESOME!!! There is no news on my bladder issues (BTW…had a second “accident” during sleep last night) he put me on a med to try for 3 weeks then I will go back and we will evaluate how well the med has done for me. Then discuss further treatment if any is needed.

BUT…he did find a whole other problem I did not even know I had!! I have a rectocele and will have to have surgery to correct it. No date set for surgery but it will more than likely be sometime in Jan or Feb I am guessing. Merry Christmas to me huh!!!

Well that’s about it for now! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

Well even a bit of progress is … progress! And finding a doctor that you like is a big score.

Happy holidays Lisa, and keep in touch


Positives and negatives then!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas, and don’t get too worn out!