Todays good experience

I called my doctor yesterday regarding a UTI I thought I had and kind of got nowhere. He would fax a script to a lab and then we would wait and see what the results are. He has been my main guy for 22 years and now he tells me that I also need a GP for emergencies. My husband called his GP whom I always considered not to bright. Well he saw me and not only that he said "whatever doctor you decide on using I am here for you seven days a week......and it is not a UTI!!!!!

Maybe not the smartest but so very kind .......I could have kissed him.....


I'm glad you found someone who figured out what was really going on and it sounds like he cares. That seems harder to find these days.


I agree with Josh, the nice Dr has become the rare Dr.

Hi hope well, so if not a UTI, what was his dx for this?

None. Said it was probably dryness. I need to see a gyno. Right now I spend my days at doctor's appointments with really no answers. I guess it is the same for many of us.


Here is something all natural that Kaz recommended for us, for that problem. I bought them and then the problem subsided, but I have them in the fridge just in case!