Are they always the same?

Do yours start with a particular symptom so you can always say “oh no”?

Or do you just say that you can’t figure out why you feel so bad?

I was just discharged from the hospital after an ER visit Sunday. I had had recurring abdominal pain and nausea since pancreatitis in July. I have had multiple CAT scans and ultrasounds and nothing shows up. My rheum suspects AI and testing will be negative. I am wondering now if these are flares and that they just picked a vulnerable area to show themselves?

My normal flare seem to show itself in my left elbow. It doesn’t matter what lovely symptoms it brings but I can at least say “ugh”.

This last episode just pushed me over the edge. I inherited my son’s cold on Friday and it went to my lungs and triggered my asthma. That was another reason they wouldn’t discharge me. On top of that I could not find anyone to drive me so I had to take a taxi to the next city where the hospital was. I can’t keep relying on ER’s because they always happen when my md is off.

I am leaning toward saying yes to Orencia now that my insurance said ok. I need better control and quality of life.


We have a urgent care here that is open at night and weeknds that I go to when my md is off. They send my records to the md for me.

Some times I will be very tired and run a fever and I no I am fixing to flare. Other times I have been hit out of no where. I think it just depends on our bodys.

I'm sorry you're going through such a rough patch. Yes, a biologic might give you better control. I don't seem to have a regular pattern. Sometimes it is a steady worsening, other times I feel a bit sick over the course of a few days, and other times I wake up in bad shape. Always a surprise.

Just received a denial of benefits letter for Orencia despite my doctor’s message that it was approved. I can expect unending flares…

Hi Cassi,

I had a look at your profile and found something disturbing, it was that you were told it was "just arthritis"! Well, from my point of view there are NO good types of arthritis. I'm not a Doctor, but can tell you that other than OA, which they consider to be a wear and tear type of aggressive arthritis, all the rest are systemic autoimmune! So those two words don't get it with me!

Have you had a further explanation of this since you composed your profile?

I have to tell you that I'm concerned!

Wishing you well,


Cassi, have you had a black and white or an MRI of your left elbow?