Has anyone noticed a difference in the color of their hands and feet?

According to Arthritis Today magazine, this is a systemic symptom/sign of Sjogren's Syndrome. I have secondary Raynaud's, and that is the defining symptom of it.

I do not recall ever noticing this before in any other information. Can anyone relate to this?


not sure what the question is SK

but yes I have Raynauds in hands and feet colour often purple, sever chilblains/frost bite even above freezing temps.

Yes it is found in most SS sufferers.

Hope this is what you were asking :)

I have not noticed a color difference, but I have experienced for several years, cold water feels warm on my hands. When I'm in the kitchen and I run the cold water it will feel like warm water on my hands, but very cold on my arm.

Oh yes….very common in Sjoggies. My thermostat as a whole is off and I am cold long before anyone else. I have real issues with my hands and feet being cold. And, this may sound funny till you think of small areas that get cold easy…even in warm weather, if there is any kind of breeze, my ears freeze to the point of hurting and causing a headache type pain. It's horrible. And heaven forbid I try to shovel snow. I took pictures of my hands/fingers once and posted it on FB because they were so horribly odd looking… Deep red and purple streaks coming from all of the joints…...and I took them down because they were upsetting to my family.

A friend of mine with Lupus has the same issues. Very similar to SS.

I just never associated a change in color of hands and feet mentioned when talking about Sjogrens. Raynaud's yes, Sjogren's no. Just one more thing!

It is probably failure of autonomic peripheral nervous system.
See the article I posted on the research thead.
The colour changes are linked to circulatory malfunctions and possibly localised micro vasculitis.
My hands go bright purple in cold and heat and sun!One can be white and the other purple!
The medics didn’t believe it until they saw it themselves.

Thanks assybish, that makes sense now. I posted a discussion about autonomic nervous system dysfunction a couple of months ago, as I could relate to just about every symptom/sign of that, but as I recall the change in color of hands and feet were not mentioned, and if they were, I was too blown away with what I stumbled over to notice! Blown away because I had all but one.


If you look at the palm of my hands, from the top knuckle up, my fingers are red and swollen, they look scalded, itch, and feel like they have tight rubber bands around them. I was blaming it on stress induced Raynaud's.

Though my current Doctors are good ones, I never seem to get too far past the pain problem when I see them, so these things never get talked about often. We're going to talk about it this time, if I have to book an additional appointment! I don't blame them, as I"m sure they spend more time with me than with most, I'm the one who never gets to it!

Yes, I have seen just what you describe on the Raynaud's info, just never on Sjogren's info, have you?


EnjoyLife and Connie,

I can relate to what you both posted! Even with Raynaud's, seldom are nose and ears talked about that they are affected too, it's not just fingers and toes!

My thermostat has always been haywire, I have always sweated profusely, and winter is the worst. Imagine your feet and underarms down to your waist always being soaked! I used to be so embarrassed as a teen and young woman about this, would go to the Doctors and they would tell me something ridiculous like "oh, you're just good and healthy". Of course that just infuriated me!

you cam find it in the two reference works that are listed in my research thread.
1 is the robert fox book and the other is the excellent link to the Dutch online book by the urologist.
My hands are very like your desription it is Sjogren’s associated Raynauds plus micro vasculitis but 99.9% of all medics have never heard of it and understand it even less.
sorry if it’s contentious or upsets folks but it’s true.
Radio prog here yesaterday discussing RA with “expert” medic she hadn’t got a clue and knew nothing about Sjogrens just a bit about RA/crohns/ibs/lupus and that was it she mentioned no other ai diseases and claimed one could stop RA with dmards especially methotrexate.
Again not true but they have more effect on RA than Sjogrens
Tehy wouldn’t even let me talk about Sjogrens and the program researcher who took my call had never heard of SS and said what do you take for it?
I said nothing because there ismnothing to take!!!.
He didn’t seem to be,ieve me as he felt mediine could always offer something to every one.
Such is the supreme ignorance we face and sadly I will be long dead before anyone takes SS seriously.
I rang in but they wouldn’t ley me speak to her!
Wonder why?

Thanks assybish, I had been over them, but somehow I did not retain that segment. I'll take another look later, my grandson is still here, what I have left of my attention span is always divided, especially with the xbox on! You have given us so much good information, and I appreciate it. I feel it's the diseases that are contentious, that and the lack of research and meds.

My hands and feet are always changing colors. Also when the blood goes out of my hands and they turn white, the pads on my fingers wrinkle like I've been soaking them in water. When the blood comes back they puff up like normal.

My feet and hands are a rainbow from blue to purple to red to white and sometimes normal.

Raynauds is so much fun.

You got to hold on.