It's that time of year to be careful of exposure, especially if you have Raynaud's

Raynaud's typically affects the toes and fingers, however there are other areas we must also protect from cold exposure, which are the nose, lips, ears, and even the nipples! Forgive me for laughing, it would seem those would be well covered in winter, but you just never know!

SK you just made my Monday!!!! And I always remember your fabulous advice.

Just dropped in to find info on this topic and found this topic.

Not sure if I really have Raynauds. I forgot to ask my doctor when I saw her today. She threw me off when she told me she was leaving the practice.

Anyway I have no color changes just very painful fingertips especially when I am cold. Is it possible to have Raynauds without color changes?

Hi Cassi I found this for you it will explain some things better than I could. I hope you find a new doctor soon. I know when mine left he had another doctor take over his patients and it was wonderful.

This is why I love this site. I've dealt with Raynauds for years and had no idea that stress could set it off. It makes all the sense in the world but somehow I never made the connection when it was happening.

Oddly enough I was cleaning the house yesterday with earmuffs on. I had the house slightly cool for me since I was cleaning and very active but my ears were frozen. LOL....I am so glad the neighbors can't see me.