Has Anyone Read the Book "As My Body Attacks Itself"?

Hi all,

I saw the book"As My Body Attacks Itself" featured in the Moisture Seekers newsletter this month and decided to read it. It's a quick read and I think I paid $5.50 for it as a Nook Book at Barnes and Noble.

There was so much in the book that I could relate to. It really made me think about the way I portray my illness to others - so much so that I feel like giving a copy of it to my husband and the rest of my family so they might understand a little bit of what I deal with.

Was wondering if any one else had read it and what they thought.


I haven't read it….I got my copy of moisture seekers but didn't read it this month. Bummer. It always has good info. I am going to check it out now. Thanks for the heads up!

**$5.95 on Amazon Kindle. Came up in the search immediately. Yay

I've just recently read this. I was very eye opening. Especially when the author was discussing her "brain fog" Here's a women that has a PHD, etc, etc & if she gets to the point where she feels stupid, then I know that I'm now alone. Also I learned a little more about the symptoms associated with Sjogren's. Knowing that this disease is so much more then just dry eyes & dry mouth. I just wish that more of the people in my life understood this disease

Thanks, I just ordered it for my Kindle.

I think she describes the pain routine pretty well...I have done the whole thing about looking bad but not too sick to get credibility with the docs. and struggling with the pain rating question. The book is a quick read but a lot of times I had that "wow, she put the finger on it" feeling. I am debating whether I'll suggest my family and close people read it.

I didn't know this book, but it looks interesting. Many thanks for the suggestion!