Opinion please

Does anyone own the book The Sjogren's Book? I just heard about it. What little Amazon let me read on the site sounded fascinating to me but the price is a little steep. With my low income, I really need to be careful what I buy. Is it worth the money. I am really trying to find a good source of information that does not promote the idea we only suffer from dryness.

Why don’t you get the kindle option and read it on your computer. Why do you think this book will tell you something different?

Because my doctor doesn't have time to explain everything and I just found out my younger sister may have SS too. I don't want her to go through the massive confusion I am. It is also more difficult to share info from an eBook and make accessible notes. I don't know why more than that other thàn sometimes a good old fashion book is better to me. Also, what I find on the web is severely contradictory and/or makes SS out to be nothing more than a nuisance illness. As stupid as it sounds, it really bothers me that people are being taught these things and that SS is rare. It is much more common than lupus. Everyone has heard of lupus. Why do so few know about our syndrome? We suffer many of the same symptoms and serious health issues. I want to help change that and do it anyway I can. The foundation charges a fee to become a member and access some of their info. Not everyone can afford that or are even willing to pay for info.

I just reserved it from the library. Then I can check it out before risking the money. I am waiting for 4 other books about SS as well. I will let you all know about them when I read them.