Hi all, I have been recently diagnosed with this disease even though I now believe I have had it for 30 years or so.. I kept telling my Doc, I have a rash on the soles of my feet, extreme dry and red eyes and I just didn't feel right! I told her I think I have a lot of inflammation as I have extreme periodontal disease too. When the tests came back, there was no doubt. I have not seen any other Doc yet (Rheumatologist) as I just recently had bunion surgery and my Doc suggested I get over this surgery first. I believe I will be getting a test for Lupus before I see her again. I have no close friends (except the nurses I work with) and I work on a Cardiac floor. So, I really need support here as my job can be extremely stressful and I also work 12 hr shifts. I am happy to be here and to have found this group and help! Thank you!

Welcome Shilo

I am also a nurse I came out of work last july because of lupus complications. I worked 12 hr shifts also. They can be horrible we worked 3 on 2 off. Do you have the short and long term disability where you work? I dont know how i would make it with out mine.