Help for hair

I am looking for help for my thinning,straw like hair.

Me, too! I have tried everything! My hair is too fine for extensions, and I have tried every thickening product on the market, to no avail. Wish I could offer a solution!

The only thing that worked for me was to wear a hair weave for a year. I took the weave off 2 weeks ago. My hair has grown sooo much, It's exciting., I am afraid now to leave my natural hair out for too long.

I've given up. I now wear wigs. My hair is very very thin on top. Sides and back are ok.

I go to a hair replacement salon. They specialize in thinning hair. I have top pieces, and synthetic wigs. I can change my look whenever, and I'm always getting compliments on how nice my hair looks.

I work everyday, so I have to look the best I can.

Been losing my hair for about 20yrs now. We have options...........

When I started to lose my hair it was so distressing. I take super vitamins with Biotin for hair, I get them at Costco and they are pink colored. They actually work! After a few months of taking them I can actually see new hair growth around the temples. I also use Rogaine 5% mousse, I don’t know if that’s helping yet or not, but I’m still going to use it. I also bought the wet brush that you all recommended and its wonderful! It really prevents pulling too much hair out when you brush it. I also got my hair lightened to minimize the sparse areas.
Hope this is helpful.

My hair has been falling out for the past three months at a rapid and distressing rate. On my own, I started taking Biotin and Iron before I could get to the Dr. She ran a bunch of tests yesterday including Estrogen, SED rate, CRP, TSH, Mercury, etc. I think in my case it is caused by a reduction in my thyroid meds. Although, I am 51, so, plummeting Estrogen levels could be affecting it. She wasn't convinced my hair loss was from Sjogren's. My blood work will be back tomorrow. My hair has slowed down with the shedding, but it is still falling out just at a slower rate. One thing I believe is that stress can cause trauma and a as a result hair can fall out from stress.

I take a Once A Week formula of Vitamin D 25,000 IU, too, Nana D. That's good advice! Thanks for the reminder.
Nana D said:

When my hair was falling out, my doctor checked my Vitamin D level and it was very low so he put me on 50 thousand IU of Vit D once a week, it really helped!

Found out these things help also!

Hallo Sarah, sorry to hear about your hair, it really is a bummer. My hair is getting thinner all the time butmy doctor thinks itis due to my thyroid andnot sjogrens. He has adjusted my thyroid meds and hopefully I should be able to notice thatmy hair is at least stabelised. I also use hair conditioners with thickening agents and my hairdresser cuts my hair tomake it look as if it is thicker. Hope you find some kind of solution soon.

What meds are you on? They can directly effect the condition of your hair

My Dr. mentioned that low estrogen can also lead to hair loss. Personally, I am 51, so my estrogen has been dropping. I use an estrogen cream as hormone replacement therapy.

I use all natural henna color on my hair every 6 wks. It is free of chemicals. Coats the hair shaft, makes it thicker & gives it a beautiful gloss. I use the Colora hair henna purchased from I only wash my hair 2x's wk. I use conditioner everytime I wash. The henna covers my gray beautifully. Where I had gray it is now blonde. Gives my hair a highlites. Love henna!!