Hydroxychloroquine rash

Hey friends,

I wanted to ask if anyone had experienced a “lichenoid” dermatitis related to hydroxychloroquine or quinacrine?

Does anyone get “polymorphous light eruptions?”

I have been told I have the former with a differential diagnosis included the latter.

What was the experience like? What did you replace the hydrocychloroquine with? How’s the whole no-sun thing going? How long before your rash resolved and what did You get treated with?


Hi Annie! I was successfully on plaquenil for 5 or 6 years. It was ultimately replaced with leflunomide, another disease modifying med (DMARD). I know that light sensitivity is a risk with it. More importantly, you need to have your eyes monitored for signs of plaquenil toxicity. The risk of that increases over the course of MANY years.

I’m not familiar with the specific rash type that you mentioned, but I’m guessing that it’s not comfortable?

I look like a leopard basically, but not on my face. It itches and burns.

Do you have primary or secondary Sjogrens? May I ask why you went on the Dmard?

I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s after being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, so that’s why I was on the disease modifying med.

For the Sjogren’s I just add in symptom control and treatment, such as Restasis and Evoxac.

Hi Annie! Any improvement? Are you continuing to take the plaquenil?