It's Time We Choose a Color!

From Breast Cancer to Aids; they all wear a ribbon of a specific color, added to this, Breast Cancer has October as their month.

Contest Time! Someone come up with a color and a month for us suffering with Autoimmune Disease so that we can make a visual statement all over the world!!

What do you think?!

I thought the Sjogren's was yet another purple ribbon?

Yes, bottom of this page on the right! Purple!

The Foundation has April as SS
month. Feb is Heart month. Got to avoid those other “taken” months. I think a month just for AI illneses is a great idea. They sure do sxck!

Color idea… Mix pink (female) and grey or black ( how it makes us feel)

It was news to me that our ribbon is purple, which makes me believe that others are in my same position. When we see a pink ribbon we immediately think Breast Cancer; wouldn't it be nice if when people see a purple ribbon they think Sjogren's (and all autoimmune diseases) and that we create a Sjogren's Syndrome Month?! How did the Breast Cancer Association get their own month of observation, October?


I'm really liking this idea!!! Does anyone feel this would cause a problem if we made it a maroon ribbon instead of purple (although this is my favorite color); purple just doesn't seem distinctive enough. What do you think?!

Nomad said:

Color idea... Mix pink (female) and grey or black ( how it makes us feel)

If purple is already the SS color, maybe maroon could be for all AI illnesses???

I don’t know if green was already taken why I picked green it is Venus Williams favorite color. It would be nice if she could be associated with this site maybe a spokesperson for shogrens?

Maroon would be a perfect choice for all AI illnesses!! Nomad would you be willing to propose this to the Immune Deficiency Foundation ( Find out if they have a color?!

Referring Venus Williams; how do we reach out to her. She has attached herself to the Sjogren's Foundation, but there is no reason why we couldn't invite her to join our site. Is there anyone out there who might have an idea of how to contact her or her rep?!

Considering it, but I’m confused. Immune Deficiency Foundation sounds like low immunity situations. Am I wrong?

True, they look at low immunity, but also at primary deficiencies of the immune system. There is a commonality. And they are using Stem Cell and Gene Therapy, which was done in the China Clinical Trials for Sjogren's. So I have contact one of the doctors (he is here in SF) involved in the handbook this foundation puts out and if he says they are not the right source I will ask him who is, in order to find the medical team who is doing gene therapy here in the States.

Hi All,

A quick question, is that a butterfly next to "Bens Friends"?

I know that Ben drew it, cannot recall the exact story anymore. Scott knows it!

The butterfly makes sense to me. There is a painful and challenging transformation that occurs when someone develops a rare disease, but something beautiful and wonderful can come out of the process. I see this every day on the networks. The new self is not the same as the old, but the new self can be beautiful. Just like you, ladies!

Purple is also for AI and Sjogren's. I kind of like what the SSF does. They lean towards a periwinkle...still in the color realm but it stands out a little.