Keep on Truckin

I wrote a different blog this morning, prior to this one. However when I read it over it didn't sound right. It didn't sound like ME. It was the pain talking. and no one (including me) wants to hear that.

I have some good news to report. 12 weeks, post surg following a right shoulder total replacement, I now have normal ROM (range of motion) and the pain I have now is not constant....just get a stab of pain here and there if I move in a way my shoulder doesn't like.I am thrilled to be ready to be discharged from PT this coming week.

That's the good news.

The bad news is that Ihave constant severe pain in my SI joint, lumbar and cervical spine, hands and feet.I take heavy duty pain meds and pain is still unremitting.

I plan to wait a little while before scheduling my left shoulder replacement. I can tolerate it for a little I will.

Now if they would only come up with a spine replacement!!

My eyes continue to deteriorate due to glaucoma which is a result of the Sj. I am praying not to lose my sight...because well, that would just suck.

I am determined to keep on getting through one day at a time. I am glad to still be at home and not yet in assisted living. God is good to me even though there are days when I just don't see it. I know it could be worse. I could feel like this and be homeless. I thank God for my bed and my recliner. That's where you can always find me. And I am grateful

Hi Qudosh,

Sorry I didn't see this earlier, you must be the only 'blogger' we have, so I don't often look here!

Glad you have FINALLY gotten through the PT! I went through months of that just recently with my mom, they really helped her, but she will now forever walk with a cane! Sometimes they can only get us better to a point.

Glad the pain is leaving you! Not sure I remember what KIND of arthritis caused all of this damage!

My SI joints are just the worst! They hurt ALL of the time! Like someone hit me full force with an ax and it's still there! My lumbar and cervical spine are not great either, lots and lots of problems there for me too!

There are times that I cannot get my words out straight, they seem jumbled after I reread them later, but everyone seems to get my drift! Haven't offended anyone that I know of!

I think I'd have to be in on the spine replacement, I need a new one too! If you can get it, this spray is good to numb you up for a while!

Just be careful who you tell you have this or pain meds, they'll kill you for them these days!

I've been borderline glaucoma as long as I can remember, my dad and all of his sibs had it! Oh boy, just one more thing to look forward to!

Yes, I know we moan and growl about how we feel, how we hurt, but surely there are those worse off! And yes, we still do have a home! I was in my late 40's when this hit me. It's the children and the young who are ill and injured that truly break my heart. Everyone deserves a healthy youth, kids should never suffer more than a skinned knee, and I keep telling God this!

Take care of yourself, girlfriend!

Wishing you well,



Thanks for your response here. I have RA and PsA and SJ. Grand Slam.

Right now i am in the midst of a flare of hands look like balloons and my ankles don't want to be walked on. Not to mention the neck and the headaches that stem from that.

But complaining does no one any good.. Thanks for listening to my thoughts.

So sorry you have so many of these, I only know of one other person dxed with RA and PsA! WHEW! I kinda think that complaining does the soul good,it's a getting it out kind of release, and if anyone should have the right, you should top the list!

Hope you can find a way to get some relief, girlfriend!

I know a couple of people who have both RA and brother in law is one of them. It's hard to know where one stops and the other begins....I was DXed with PsA first....they kind that has symmetrical damage to both sides of the body....That was in 2006...then this year was DX ed with RA and Sj...I've had symptoms of Sj for a number of years...just never knew that it was anything other than normal. Was also DXed with glaucoma this year.

Thanks for your comment...I see that you had already responded earlier ....I guess I just forgot about it. Sorry for that.

NO worries! Just hoping you can get to a better place, my friend!

I'm on my way to the ER because my pulmonologist told me to "hie thee hither."....Chances are good (or bad depending on your point of view) that I will be admitted. They will have to determine if the meds I'm taking for AI disease is the cause of the problem...or maybe the disease itself...or maybe it's just asthma. I want to cry