Let's say hello to Pamela from South Africa


Hi there, Pamela

Welcome to Sjogren’s Syndrome Support.

I understand that you were diagnosed with Sjgorens over a decade ago. Are you relying on any medication at the moment? How are you feeling today?

I think your attitude is so admirable! It sounds like you are maintaining a positive outlook despite dealing with several autoimmune diseases.

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Hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Danielle,
Thanks so much for your message.

I have found that over the last year my Sjogrens symptoms have become more obvious.
I am currently doing research into rheumatologists in Cape town, as the fatigue is preventing me from leading a normal life.

The tiredness is out of control and I’m finding it’s affecting my emotional wellbeing.

I think I’ll start a chat on tips to fight fatigue…

Thanks again for your lovely message.

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Hi Pam,

You are most welcome! Great to hear from you.

I wonder if you made any progress with your research. Have you discovered a good rheumatologist near you?

Tiredness is the absolute worst, isn’t it. I do hope you find some helpful tips in this community.

Please keep us posted!