Lets talk about eye makeup!

It's getting more and more difficult to tolerate it! I put in on today, a near 90 degreer with crushing humidity with severe storm alerts! My son took us out for mother's day dinner, so I decided to try to cover up the pallor and look alive, from the minute I put on just a little mascara, it felt like I had a boulder in my left eye. I tried everything to find it to get it out, no luck!

By the time the fire and smoke came forth on he hibachi grill, I looked like I had a shiner! LOL My son finally came from across from the other end and said, "Mom, what happened to your eye, what's wrong?"

So I came back with one of his classic lines from childhood "I have somebody in my eye, and I can't find him"!

Even with Almay for sensitive eyes, I'm just not sure I can cut it anymore!

Oh my. I wear a little powder eyeliner daily and that’s it for the great majority of the time, when it comes to eye make up. I sometimes darken my eyebrows. I only wear mascara now for very special occasions. For example, a wedding or a very big dinner out. So, it could be perhaps 4-6 times a year. Sometimes I have to buy a new mascara as they say to change them often and I might use it only one time. Also, when using the mascara, only apply it to the tips of your lashes. That is where it does the most good. It is a little tricky and potentially dangerous, but if it was a very special occasion and if you knew someone with a TON of experience and a good reputation, you could get your lashes tinted professionally. (But, proceed with extreme caution). Another trick is to gently pencil in your eyebrows…makes a person look younger. I’ve had my eyebrows tinted professionally before going on vacation and it looks good. Not nearly as dangerous as the lashes and it lasts a few weeks. They are usually darker and more even. But mascara, I greatly limit, and again, only do the tips of the lash. Hope this helps a little.

I've been lucky so far and have been able to tolerate eye makeup. This is a good thing because I love makeup and have a ton of it! I am using mostly waterproof since I use eye drops so often.

Oh thanks! The tips may work. I dont' need to make them darker they are already black! My hair was black before it turned white, mostly from illness!

I have those severely downward growing lashes, even the curlers don't work, so maybe I'll try the tips before I give up on the mascara all together!

I never used to be caught dead without makeup, but things change when you don't feel good!

While its a pricier alternative, I can't do mascara and eye makeup much either. But, I work in a professional office with a dress code, plus I swim, in the summer, play soccer, etc. i found a really good make-up person that does individual eyelash extensions. I only have to touch up once every 3 or 4 weeks (not the 2 the brochures suggest). They don't irritate the eyes at all and I can get by with no eye make-up thanks to the full look of them. Occasionally a touch of eyeliner but that's it. So much better than the daily irritation with conventional.

Thought I'd share, if for no other reason than to help us think out of the box a little!

Thanks again for such a wonderful group. It's so great to be among people that "get it" AND also with people that don' react the other way and get more upset for me if I can get them to understand that SS causes a lot of suffering.

Enjoy Life, sounds very nice! If I wanted to do this very rarely, for a VERY special occasion, can the extensions be removed without a problem?

Hi Nomad,

They do come off if need be. In my case, its the only treat I really do for myself. But things like letting the shower water run on them, using any kind of petroleum based product, things like that make them fall off. The person doing them should be able to guide you on on how to take them off. They are attached to the eyelash itself and not the eyelid so there's no discomfort involved.

As a side note, I also have a cystic issue with my eyes and use Muro 128 from time to time. Used sparingly it doesn't effect the eyelashes but if I need it for a longer, more intensive stretch of time it can make them come out.

OH!!!! For the original discussion, a friend of mine with Lupus tipped me off the the eyelid scrubs. They are great for first thing in the morning because I wake up with very crusty eyes and at night to take off any eye makeup. They help keep things from getting clogged. I have to say I've noticed a real difference with them…especially if I use them in the shower in the morning. My eyes feel less dry and more comfortable during the day so I'm thinking there is something to it.

I too have lash extension because mascara was 'NO' for me. I was raised by my Mom and Grann who taught me to "put on my face" everyday. So going without makeup is only for really sick days. I have not had any problems with them falling out and actually have fewer crusty mornings. I have just added Restaiss stating this morning and we'll have to see if that makes any difference. I love my extensions (mine are not overly long) and not overly full as using methotrexate for Psoriatic Arthritis has caused me to lose 40% of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, really not very fun. My lashes make me feel beautiful and lift my spirits.


I've been using Restasis for about 8 or 9 months. They haven't affected my eyelashes at all! I hope you have the same. I was worried too.

So true about the lift they give you. I too, hate feeling unfinished when I go out. They really are a little lift all the time which helps so much with what we deal with.

EnjoyLife, AMEN and AMEN!! It makes getting ready for work and church so much faster!

For me, I've noticed it sometimes depends on the brands of makeup being used. I worked for Estee Lauder a long time ago and I could tolerate their and Clinique's makeup and mascara. Even some of the drugstore hypo-allergenic wouldn't work. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I hope will work for some of you and they all start with a magnifying mirror.

Wear a primer over moisturizer before foundation and makeup won't melt off in the heat/humidity.

For stick straight lashes like mine, I use a curler. Next, pull your eyelid up a little so you can see the base of the lashes. Twist mascara wand (never pump - it dries out the tube faster) and scrape excess off of one side and use that side to put a thin coat of mascara carefully on the lash bases. Let it dry. On the bottoms, pull eyelid down while brushing up with wand.

Now put another thin coat on the tips and front of the bottom ones. Again, let dry. When you're sure they're dry, use a blow dryer to heat your curler. Test on hand first! I learned that the hard way!!! You want it fairly hot but please don't burn yourself! If you pull your lid up a little and apply the curler (you catch more of the lash that way) for 15-20 seconds you will have curled eyelashes that are still that way the next day! And they look long. One word of advice, blink until your lashes let go of the curler don't pull it away. If you get mascara on the skin, leave it be till dry. Then use a q-tip and the spot will flick right off, even over eyeshadow! My current mascara brand is Benefit They're Real, makes lashes look sooooo long. It's a little hard to get off, but when it's on it ain't going nowhere!!!. I get most all my makeup from Sephora. And watch, they frequently have a 10 pack or something of trial size mascaras. Great way to try a lot and see what works for you.

This probably sounds like a lot of work, but trust me it's not and you'll love the results. I hope, hope, hope this works for some of you. I don't usually wear makeup at home, but sometimes when I feel like crap just making myself look a little better makes me feel a little better.

I don't use much makeup anymore. I use a wet eye liner once in a while, but generally, my make up is a little wet/dry foundation over moisturizer, a little powder, and some lipstick or lip balm. I have trigeminal neuralgia, so a lot of times I can't stand to touch my face, anyway. However, when I can, it is the wet eyeliner, usually in a bluish or natural color (I use my eyebrow wet liner in blond so it looks natural) I use a very light line for definition, but when you don't use shadow (my eyes are oily from ointment) or mascara, a little goes a long way.

Nice and interesting topic! :slight_smile: