Living with pain

Hi Guys,

Im going to upload some of the most popular Sjorgens stuff I posted past few weeks on living with pain . I realise that not everyone does FB and several people have asked me about it.

Wishing everyone a 'comfortable' night

God bless

mads x

10 things I have learned about Chronic pain.

My invisible illness

Misconceptions about the chronicaly ill


Thanks for the intersting links.

Just one negative perception chronic body pain implies that only women suffer from chronic pain auto immune diseases etc.

Hundreds of images of women and only 1 male.

Not very man friendly unless you like looking at pictures of pretty women (seem to be models rather than patients in most photos) a pity as it has some inteersting points

Dear Mads,

I understand you've been going through a tough time with your health and I send my best to you. Look forward to you being well enough to rejoin us soon.

Wishing you well,