10 Things I've Learned

I found this on my Facebook page, under the Sjogren's page I belong to, and it's "10 Things I've Learned About Living With Chronic Pain." I found myself agreeing more and more with the writer. Interesting thing is, you never are told what the writer's pain or illness is, but you do end up identifying her on almost all aspects of her article, at least I did.

This isn't an article to give to your spouse, family or friends. It is just what we put up with, 10 things you need to know, basically. I really liked her aspect about doctors. It's very true.


I hope you all can relate,


I saw this and shared it on FB also. At the beginning the writer says they are all of 21 years old (I think). It says a lot considering how comprehensive and insightful it is. I have friends that battle with Fibro, etc so it applied to lots of people.

Hi Stacie

I think sharing this was great.

Thanks for posting this, it's always good to be reminded, and even though we write a version of this every time we come on the boards, it's a different perspective, different wording, some times that's what it takes for something to 'click'!

This is great. You mention and article to share with family or close friends about chronic pain....do you know of one? Thanks.

Incredibly put whatever the cause, yes we can relate; knowing some of these things, my heart hurts for such a young one who is so wise. God bless. Tania

Hi Guys,

Im going to upload some of the most popular Sjorgens stuff I posted this week on living with pain . Maybe some of you dont do FB and a couple of people have asked me about it..

God bless

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10 things I have learned about Chronic pain.


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Great articles!
Really liked the one on invisible illness!
All very good! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nomad x