These videos had such great information on them had to put the information on line

I can"t seem to paste the link here because I am computer illiterate go to Utube put in

The Australian Sjogrens Syndrome Association

There are about 10 videos put up about Sjogrens,, the information here has so helped me,, it is about a womens struggle and her suggestions about food, vitamins, chronic pain,, and fatique,,, exercise, ,and how she copes with Sjogrens

The video number 9,,, I could take it or leave it not really into that, but the rest were beneficial for me

I’m confused. I watched Module 1. It sounds as if she’s saying that she had each autoimmune disease (Lupus, Scleroderma, SS, Raynaud’s) temporarily on top of having RA since she was a teen.
I’m know that a person can have multiple AI diseases, but she describes such a numerous amount that it confuses me.
Can a person have RA, Lupus, AND Scleroderma?

Well she stated that she did,,,, so you can have other diseases with SS she just has more than the average person,, She also is the spokes person for Australia for SS I would love to talk to her one day

The Lupus-Selerdoma-SS connection is sadly pretty common and even sadder a complication of RA being seen more and more often. Sadly what happens is that when people start to "medicalize" their primary condition the quality of their care often goes down. Christie asks a good question. When people start choosing to "list" diagnoses, people (including providers) start to wonder how much is real and how much is "somaticizing" Many of these symptoms are co-occurring which is why early and aggressive treatment is so critical for all of us.

We are raising a special needs granddaughter who is (besides being 16) tough to deal with in that she has practically immobilized her self with all her "ailments" She has all of them BTW but in some ways life was much better and much easier when we simply could say You need some fresh air and to turn the TV off - assuming you want to eat tonight and ever have you cell phone turned on again. Now its a battle to get her to get "enough done" to get the wi-fi password of the day. Her list: PsA, Traumatic brain Injury, SS, Epilepsy, CP, EDS, Migraine, and asthma. We have taught her FINALLY to say when asked that she has a nasty arthritis OR was injured in the car wreck that killed her mom. Her docs know the rest. She can SO much when not paralyzed by the thoughts about her disease(s) and so little when those thoughts take over. Dealing with a primary disease if related to the "others" is far more successful for all patients as opposed to lots of little pieces. Think of a juggler trying to keep two, three, five, nine balls in the air......