Looking for new doctor in Boston or Denver

I have an opportunity with my company and my wife will need a new doctor. Can anyone recommend doctors in the Boston or Denver area?

I just saw this on a blog I follow. http://www.reasonablywell.net/2014/06/show-me-list-sjogrens-syndrome-centers.html

Maybe it’ll help you out.

Thank you very much !!

Jay, have you tried entering the names of the cities into the search feature (magnifying glass, above)?

You never know what discussion might contain some info, or a lead to another member to whom you could perhaps send a PM.


I see Dr Kassan who is in Lakewood Colorado. He sees people from all over and is very knowledgeable. I like him very much but is extremely busy and waiting room time can be lengthy. To the point they have the vibrating light up things that restaurants have when they are packed. Lol. I have found him to be good enough and thorough enough that waiting isn’t a big deal.